Dental Procedures Sought Mostly by Medical Tourists

Dental Procedures Sought Mostly by Medical Tourists
Dental Procedures Sought Mostly by Medical Tourists
April 30, 2016

A report by a travel facilitator revealed that in 2015, about 1.2 million Americans traveled for medical tourism and nearly half of that number had a dental process done on them. One of the major reasons why Americans travel to get medical tourism is to save a few dollars in the process. For example, a root canal costs about a thousand dollars in America but the same process would only cost about two hundred dollars in Thailand.

Preferred Medical Tourist Destinations

Medical tourism has become a global phenomenon with patients traveling from developed countries like the USA or UK to Thailand and from developing countries to developed countries as well. Many countries are well known for medical tourism particularly in the area of dentistry. However, the list of the most visited countries includes Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Israel, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, United States and South Korea. There are several dental procedures but the most sought for are;

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1. Teeth Whitening

Foods that are high in acid content will wear off the enamel (the outermost part of the teeth) making it easier for the teeth to be stained. Coffee, strawberries, tea, smoking and so on can cause the teeth to be stained. On the other hand, the teeth will naturally become discolored with age. There are two types of teeth whitening; the in-office and the take home teeth whitening. The former is more costly at about six hundred and fifty dollars while the latter goes for about four hundred dollars.

2. Dental Veneers

As we grow up, we use our teeth for various activities, which leave them chipped or lost entirely. Veneers are made of resins or ceramic and used to fix chipped tooth and decaying dental. It can also be used to fill spaces between teeth. Veneering is an attempt to bring back the enamel then a porcelain laminate is bound on the tooth outer surface.

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3. Examination to Detect Oral Cancer

Since the campaign that it was possible to manage cancer if discovered in the early stage gained precedence, more medical tourists went for a total oral examination. During a total examination to detect oral cancer, your dentist will look for sores and discoloration in your mouth; then examine your face, neck and inside of your mouth for puffs and lumps.

4. Surgery on the Gums of the Teeth

Gingivitis is a mild gum disease which can ultimately lead to loss of jawbone if left unchecked. It is usually reversible if the proper treatment is administered to the person. If nothing is done, it progresses to a more permanent form which is called periodontitis. When it gets to this form, it often requires surgery to correct. If the damage is very bad, it may lead to total dental reconstruction, which could cost as high as twenty five thousand dollars.

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5. Tooth Extractions

Severely damaged teeth will leave dentists no other option than to harvest them from their roots. Sometimes, a tooth can be detached for orthodontic treatment. Tooth extraction is not very expensive but still cheaper in Asia.

6. Dental Bridges and Implants

Dental Implant is the replacement of the tooth root while dental bridge includes filling a gap with false tooth/ teeth anchored between two neighboring teeth. A bridge will have two crowns.

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Article highlights

  • Medical tourism destinations that rank the top of the world.
  • Cost and quality of healthcare drives medical tourism.
  • Medical tourism in Asia  is far different from that in America
  • Early detection of oral cancer gets some benefits.
  • What causes discoloration of the teeth.
  • How Beverages affect the teeth.
  • Dental Procedures are determined through examinations.
  • In-office teeth whitening is a temporary procedure.
  • Dental veneers  are needed to fix chipped tooth.
  • When teeth go beyond remedy.
  • What causes uprooting teeth?


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