Development in Healthcare through Medical Tourism

Development in Healthcare through Medical Tourism
Development in Healthcare through Medical Tourism
April 29, 2016

The trend in medical tourism used to be in favor of the developed nations which may not be particularly to the fancy of developing countries. In recent times, there has been a total reversal of the process. This change in movement of medical tourists comes with its own problems. Like the law of demand and supply, the increase in number of medical tourists has resulted to a jump in the cost of medical tourism. This has left medical tourism seekers in the middle of seeking a quality medical healthcare at the lowest possible cost.

What has changed about medical tourism?

In the past citizens of poorer nations traveled to developed nations for better healthcare because most of them had defective or primitive medical health systems in their home countries. The major driving force then was majorly poor equipment and lack of trust on the part of the medical personnel. Doctors in developing countries soon began to train in countries such as America, UK and other European countries and that made all the difference.

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What is happening at the moment?

Many developing nations have upgraded their medical systems and their citizens that practiced in foreign nations are coming back to practice in their home countries. That is not all; some of these countries are now employing foreign experts to boost the efficacy of their healthcare delivery. The likes of India have succeeded tremendously that American and European medical tourists troop to India annually to have one surgery or the other. However, unlike in the past when better health care was the driving force, the greatest motivation now has to do with cost efficiency.

The meeting point of the past and present

Inasmuch as patients from developed countries with improved healthcare now travel to developing countries to have some procedures carried out on them at lower cost, we cannot still remove the fact that these patients do so without undermining quality. They first research into the countries they intend to visit to ensure there is no compromise in quality. They look at their previous successes and failures if any and base their decisions around this point. If it is safe and cheap, then why not go for it?

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A means of bypassing legal protocols

There are some medical procedures which have not received full accreditation in the US but which have shown to provide some hope to a dying patient. Some of those procedures are associated with the treatment of cancer and organ transplant. Desperate patients could travel to developing countries where there are no laws prohibiting such procedures and take their chances.

How the future of medical tourism is shaping up

Some countries are specializing and narrowing their services to a few procedures thereby gaining notoriety in those particular procedures they have limited themselves to. This is both good and bad news to medical tourists. Good news because they will be better assured of the quality of the medications they receive; bad news because if they have more than one procedure to be carried out they have to plan to travel to different countries instead of having everything done in one country.

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Article highlights

  • Medical tourism has a sharp contrst between past and present trends.
  • The factors that motivated past and present medical tourism.
  • What is the prospect of medical tourism?
  • How the trend in medical tourism is playing out on the economy.
  • Factors that make patients from developed countries seek medical attention in developing countries.
  • What led to the massive migration of patients from developing to developed countries in the past?.
  • What is still common between the past and present trend?
  • Why there is a rising cost in medical tourism.
  • Cost and quality determine the development in healthcare.
  • Notable development that healthcare services made from medical tourism.

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