The Different Ways You can Lose Weight without Breaking a Sweat

The Different Ways You can Lose Weight without Breaking a Sweat
The Different Ways You can Lose Weight without Breaking a Sweat
December 9, 2016

Weight loss is one of the major pursuits of health-conscious people around the globe. If you mentioned that you wanted to lose weight like half a century ago, the mind of your audience would first go to the direction of some rigorous exercise and then to a diet plan. In the twenty-first century, that notion has changed. Now, there are several ways to lose weight otherwise known as slimming and most of them do not come with the stress of their predecessor.

Gaining weight brings anxiety in many people

Gaining weight is not particular to any sex or race but it has been shown that women are more susceptible to gaining weight more than men. The problem with gaining weight include loss of beauty, difficulty in fitting into favorite dresses or shoes and an increased likelihood of having body odor because of the increased production of sweat by the body.

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Weight loss results from a loss of body fluid

There are a number of factors that can lead to weight loss and a few of them are the reasonable loss of body fluid, loss of fats or adipose tissue and a reduction in muscles, tendons, bone mineral deposits and other body connective tissues. Some of these can happen naturally during starvation, disease invasion or physical stress while others can be engineered through surgical interventions.

The old forms of weight loss techniques have something in common

Exercising is good to keep the weight low but it wears you out easily and is not always sustainable. The candidate after some time will begin to miss some of their routines till they gradually stop it entirely. Nutrition is not also very sustainable because the person begins to salivate when they come across those meals they are supposed to avoid and after some time, their appetite may overwhelm them. The two techniques also take a long time to achieve the desired techniques.

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Modern means of losing weight rely heavily on technology

The improvement in technology has led to the production of machines that can facilitate the process of weight loss without the person involved having to go through the nightmare associated with the process. The use of these techniques has sometimes come under criticism for the reason why some people cannot sustain the weight they have lost because they did not suffer from losing it. Some of the machines in use currently are;

1. Power plate machine

This machine uses the power of vibration to burn fat and helps the muscles to develop. The working principle of the power plate machine is easy and goes thus; the muscles are meant to contract once or twice in a second but the power plate machine can amplify this number to thirty or fifty times in a second. This rigorous contraction builds the muscles and prevents them from wear and tear.

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2. Ozone therapy

The ozone layer is a protective layer in the cloud that shields the earth from too many harmful rays of the sun. Ozone has an extra molecule of oxygen compared to water. Treating a patient with ozone can increase their detoxification, stimulate their immune system and increase the amount of oxygen available to them.

3. Cellulite treatment

Cellulite can be a very important indicator in the body. When there is a decrease in the circulation of cellulite in a particular area of the body, it means that area is having a low supply of nutrition and oxygen. This will lead to decreased production of collagen which will manifest as wrinkling of the skin. The knees, stomach, thighs, and buttocks of women usually have cellulites.

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Article highlights

  • Exercise and nutrition were the major ways of losing weight in the past.
  • There are numerous methods of losing weight currently present.
  • The old techniques of weight loss take a long time to achieve a result.
  • The available techniques come with no side effects, unlike drugs.
  • Gaining weight can lead to anxiety.
  • Women are more prone to gaining weight than men.
  • Weight loss can be attributed to the loss of body fluid and reduction in muscular mass.
  • Disease and starvation are natural phenomena that can lead to weight loss.
  • New weight loss techniques use technology.
  • Power plate machine and ozone therapy are some of the new weight loss techniques.

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