Effectiveness of Laser Liposuction in Turkey

Effectiveness of Laser Liposuction in Turkey
Effectiveness of Laser Liposuction in Turkey
September 23, 2016

Wealthy people often show more laxity to control what they eat. The result is that they soon begin to bloat out till they lose their shape. There are also special cases where people are genetically wired easily. The cause of people becoming fat in general is as a result of deposition of fat beneath the skin of the person.

There are different reasons why people will become fat

Bloating out in most case is caused by the individual’s life style. Bad eating habits such as eating too much and infrequently, eating junk foods and drinking alcohol has been one of the causes of excessive fat deposition. They body usually gets more than it needs and the excess is converted to fat and stored. Lack of physical exercise compounds the problem.

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Excessive fat can have different outcomes on the patient

People are often oblivious of their weight gain till it has spiraled out of control. The physical appearance might be a source of worry but there is more that goes on within such as;

  • Excessive fat increases the risk of an individual to obesity and cardiac disease.
  • The psychological trauma is also disturbing.

Laser liposuction permanently takes out the fats

Laser liposuction has been sought by many as a means of getting rid of their excess fat permanently. The fats in certain areas of the body such as hips, thigh, knee, arms, abdomen, cheeks, chin and neck are mostly targeted.

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Laser liposuction has an advantage over the normal liposuction

The basic advantage laser liposuction has over that of primary is that there is shorter recovery period. Laser liposuction is one of the medical procedures that can be sought by medical tourists in Turkey. Laser Liposuction in Turkey is a growing field that is currently accommodating lots of visitors.

The process of laser liposuction is a little technical

Here, fine cannula is inserted into the pores on the skin making a laser optical fiber. The cannula is slightly moved to destroy fat cells.  As the laser goes through the dermis of the skin, it leads to the synthesis of collagen which makes the skin of the treated area tight. The entire process would normally last from one to three hours depending on the number of areas to be treated.

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Medical tests are conducted before surgery

When anesthesia is to be used on the patient, they are advised to stop taking herbal tea or aspirin ten days before the procedure. Medical tests also include reviews of the patient’s medical history files and discussion with the surgeon in charge.

The risk associated with liposuction is low

The risk of laser liposuction is very minimal and can include such things as mild skin injury, retention of fluid, color changes, grooving of the skin and if not properly cared for, infection may occur. Surgeons in Turkey will make sure that none of this would happen.

The individual can return to work 1 – 2 weeks after the procedure

Most medical procedures will normally keep the patient grounded for some period of time. For laser liposuction, this time varies from one to two weeks. This is because a number of symptoms may manifest immediately after the operation such as numbness, temporary bruising and feeling of pain. The patient has to be placed under surveillance till these symptoms have disappeared before they will be allowed to go. It may take more time before the patient can begin to engage in more strenuous activities.

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Article highlights

  • Laser liposuction is more effective than primary liposuction.
  • Recovery time is shorter for laser liposuction.
  • Excessive fat can lead to obesity and heart diseases.
  • There are different reasons that can make an individual bloat out.
  • The primary cause of body fat is when the body gets more than it needs.
  • Laser liposuction is one of the delicate procedures carried out in Turkey.
  • Laser liposuction is a permanent procedure as it permanently takes out the fat.
  • Cannula is inserted into the body of the patient through the sweat pores.
  • Medical tests are conducted before the commencement of surgery.
  • During the recovery time, the patient is duly monitored before they are allowed to leave the facility.

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