Evaluating Turkey Medical Tourism Using IVF as Case Study

Evaluating Turkey Medical Tourism Using IVF as Case Study
Evaluating Turkey Medical Tourism Using IVF as Case Study
September 6, 2016

Medical tourism happens when individuals travel with the sole aim of getting healthcare usually in the form of elective treatment. The distance may be short (between neighboring countries or intercontinental. Hitherto, the flow of patients is multidimensional meaning patients from developed nations to developing nations and vice versa.

The medical tourism market in 2005 was impressive

According to Tourism Research and Marketing (TRAM), the global medical tourism market witnessed a total of nineteen million trips in 2005.The total value of the entire trips stood at twenty billion dollars. The subsequent growth is unprecedented as some nations are already witnessing double digit growth in medical tourism. Projections put medical tourism at 4 percent with 40 million trips as of 2010.

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Turkey was a major medical tourism destination for the UK citizens

According to a survey carried out on medical tourism in 2007 by Medical Tourism Survey, it was estimated that fifty thousand UK medical tourists spent about one hundred and sixty one million pounds on medical tourism annually and Turkey was their preferred destination.

JCI accredited hospitals are more in Turkey

JCI is a body that accredits hospitals for medical tourism. World over, the number of JCI accredited hospitals is highest in Turkey. A breakdown of the accreditation is as follows; 28 hospitals, 3 Genetic diagnostic centers, over 4,000 inpatient beds and 957 ICU beds, 179 operating theatres and 2,000 employed physicians.

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The expertise of Turkey is diverse

Turkey has expertise in vast medical processes including organ transplants such as liver, kidney and pancreases, robotic surgery, bone marrow transplant, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery and so on. The benefit of going to Turkey for medical tourism is beneficial in that they have hospitals that are of high quality and the cost is significantly low compared to US and UK.

Seeking medical tourism in Turkey has its advantages

Besides lower cost of treatment, another draw that makes Turkey stand out in medical tourism is the fact that technology is employed in the treatment of patients. The treatment arrangement is also convenient in that the hospital manages the transportation and accommodation of the patient. The time of waiting before treatment is also minimal.

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Certain factors translate to lower cost of treatment in Turkey

The cost of labor which is the prime factor that pushes up the entire cost of treatment is lower in Turkey. Also, there is lower facility cost, less third party payment, less malpractice liability and the hospitals are financially strong not to overburden the patients with bills. The aforementioned factors make Turkish hospitals highly efficient for invitro fertilization (IVF).

Invitro fertilization begins with the stimulation of the ovaries

Over the past thirty years, the process of invitro fertilization (IVF) has remained the same. The ovaries are stimulated to produce large quantities of eggs which are then harvested into tubes containing liquids that serve as culture medium. Sperms of high quality and quantity are then introduced. The resulting embryo after 2 to 5 days is then transferred into the uterus of the would-be mother.

Large number of couples seeks IVF abroad

Turkey ranks seventh in the IVF market. It is estimated that 20,000 to 25,000 couples receive in vitro fertilization abroad annually. The main reason why people travel abroad for IVF is as follows; prohibitions, regulations, lower cost, less waiting time and lesser visit to the hospital. For example, egg donation, surrogacy and sex selection is prohibited officially in Turkey therefore it is not an IVF destination.

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Article highlights

  • Medical tourism is seeking treatment outside your home country.
  • IVF procedure has not changed in 30 years.
  • Treatment in Turkey is cheaper.
  • Turkey uses ultramodern technologies in healthcare.
  • Turkey has the highest JCI approved hospitals in the world.
  • Turkish hospitals are affiliated to prestigious medical centers worldwide.
  • There has been an increase in the number of medical tourists since 2005.
  • Movement of medical tourists is unidirectional.
  • Different medical procedures are carried out in Turkey.
  • IVF cannot be carried out in Turkey because of prohibitions.

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