The Expansion of Dental Tourism Continues in Mexico

The Expansion of Dental Tourism Continues in Mexico
The Expansion of Dental Tourism Continues in Mexico
December 17, 2016

Different ideas come to mind when Cancun is mentioned; to some, it may be a wonderful vacation, to another it may be a relaxation opportunity or a chance to explore the beaches, cocktails, crystal blue sea, and the list goes on. These are all one side of the story; another side is that Cancun is becoming a dental tourism hub.

The US and Canadian citizens are making Mexico their medical tourism destination

Residents of the United States and Canada are finding Mexico a popular destination for medical tourism basically because of the proximity of the countries to Mexico. This means they have to travel less time and incur lower travel cost to get to their destination. In the next four years, the Mexican government is projecting to have over six hundred thousand visitors from North American countries.

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Medical tourism is flourishing in Mexico for a whole lot of reasons

The reasons why medical tourism, particularly dental tourism, is flourishing in Mexico are numerous. The most remarkable reason of all is because of the reduced cost of obtaining similar procedure in the region. Patients that go to Cancun for a dental procedure can be assured of up to eighty percent reduction in cost in the procedure when compared to the United States and the UK.

Dentists in Mexico accept patients without dental insurance plans

Virtually all dental procedures can be achieved in Mexico and they are efficient. Over time, the dental procedure in Cancun has been improved with the Mexican government investing heavily in healthcare. The availability of various procedures under the same roof saves the patient the stress of making multiple trips to have their procedures done.

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Majority of procedures are structured to fit into the patient’s timeline

The efficiency of the procedures in Mexico is such that they are made to fit into the timeline of the patient. A dental procedure may last up to seven days on the max but the treatment plans would be devised having in mind the patient’s need and budget. All these are done without compromising the quality of dental work the patient would receive.

Lower cost of treatment is linked to the elimination of monopoly of treatment

Dentists in Cancun are mostly U.S board certified which increases the confidence patients would have in them. As more professional dentists converge in Mexico, the monopoly to treatment – which was the lead cause of the explosion of treatment cost – has been eliminated. Patients are given the liberty to check the certification of every dentist in Cancun.

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High-tech equipment translates to better dental procedures

The intervention of the Mexican government has enabled the nation to bring in dental equipment that is at par with those found in North American countries. Services that were not available some years back can now be carried out in Cancun with the help of the improved dental equipment.

Dental care in Cancun goes beyond the hospital walls

One of the great attractions of dental tourists to Cancun is that their medical facilities usually offer some benefits that can save the patient some stress and financial burden such as pick up and drop off services from your hotel to the medical facility once you are residing in an area within Cancun.

Mexicans are hospitable people

Looking beyond the dental and medical facilities at large, Mexicans are great in hospitality; they are very friendly and approachable. The majority of the citizens speak English meaning that you will not need to spend extra cost on hiring a translator. In addition to that, the environment is calming which is crucial for your recovery.

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Article highlights

  • The mention of Cancun brings to mind many ideas.
  • Cancun is a growing dental tourism hub.
  • Canadians and American citizens opt for Cancun because of the close proximity.
  • Dental procedures in Mexico are cheaper than obtained in other areas of the world.
  • A large proportion of Mexican citizens speak English.
  • Travelling to Cancun is a great way of combining vacation and health.
  • Different dental procedures can be achieved in Cancun.
  • Dental procedures in Cancun are structured to fit the patient’s timeline.
  • Cancun hospitals often offer outside hospital services.
  • Mexican surgeons are US board certified.

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