Fascinating Facts about Singapore Medical Tourism

Fascinating Facts about Singapore Medical Tourism
Fascinating Facts about Singapore Medical Tourism
April 11, 2016

The speed at which Singapore’s towers and amazing sights rose up the Island to wipe off its ancient history remains a wonder to the world. Though a small nation with about six hundred and forty square kilometers, Singapore stands out as a powerful nation in Southeast Asia. There are amazing facts about Singapore medical tourism and they are as follows.

1. Brief history of Singapore

Singapore has an interesting history beginning with its discovery in the third century by a Chinese account that pointed it at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. In the fourteenth century under the rule of Srivijayan prince Parameswara it became an important port and subsequently became the heart of India-China trade.

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2. Early years of Medical Tourism in Singapore

For over two decade, the medical tourism in Singapore has tremendously grown. In 2011, the receipt from foreigners who had gone through medical tourism added up to nine hundred million dollars. This figure has grown exponentially over the years. In 2012, according to business consultants RNCOS, India, Thailand and Singapore had a combined market share that was greater than ninety-three percent. Singapore became a choice destination of many ahead of Thailand because of their constant upgrade of medical facilities.

3. What to know when going to Singapore

Singaporeans are bilingual but they have four major languages – Tamil, Mandarin, Malay and English. Most speak English which is seen as a language of business but the national language is Malay. It is still okay to carry out a brief research on the hospital you intend to visit to be sure the staff and surgeons understand English because Singapore employs the best brains from across the world.

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4. Boost in Singapore medical tourism

Singapore government invested heavily into health care to get it at the stage where it is now. Singapore healthcare system is integrated with a blossoming airport that is world-class. Also, the cost of healthcare is cheaper when compared to similar process in the west. As of today, Singapore hosts up to seven hundred thousand medical tourists. In 2014, Singapore built a new medical facility that is merged with a 5-star hotel which means that patients will eat and get every other treatment like they were in a hotel.

5. Specialties of Singapore hospitals

Singapore hospitals carry out diverse surgeries but transplants (liver and kidney) remains the one that is mostly sought. Other services rendered by Singapore hospitals include bariatric surgery, cardiology, dental care, eye surgery, neurology, orthopedic and skin care. Singapore keeps expanding their boundaries so don’t be shocked when you look at the list sometime in the future and discover it has grown.

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6. Future of medical tourism in Singapore

With over 500 foreign doctors being employed annually, the end of the growth of Singapore healthcare is still far off. The Singapore government has also announced huge investment in the medical sector this 2016 which would explore areas such as nutrition.

No doubt, there is no country that has combined tourism well with health like Singapore has done. In 2011, report has it that thirty percent of those that traveled for medical tourism worldwide went to Singapore. With the massive investment from the government and private sector and the ultra-modern equipment constantly purchased, Singapore is fast becoming a medical hub.

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Article highlights

  • The medical tourism in Singapore is tremendously growing.
  • In 2011, Singapore earned nine hundred million dollars.
  • It is a preferred location because of their constant upgrade of medical facilities.
  • In Singapore, most speak English which is seen as a language of business.
  • Singapore government invested heavily into health care.
  • The cost of healthcare is cheaper when compared to similar process in the west.
  • Singapore has hosted up to seven hundred thousand medical tourists.
  • Transplants such as liver and kidney is mostly sought care.
  • It is annually employing over 500 foreign doctors.

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