Getting Back Your Youth with Spiderweb

Getting Back Your Youth with Spiderweb
Getting Back Your Youth with Spiderweb
October 14, 2016

The first sign of aging on your body will probably show on the skin. As you grow older, the collagen and elastin fibers on your skin particularly on the neck, and face will get loose, causing your skin around the mentioned areas to sag. Getting back your youthful look is no longer a problem and the most interesting part is that you will not have to go through any surgical procedure.

Cells lose their ability to renew rapidly with age

The cell is the basic unit of life. An aggregate of cells forms tissue; an aggregate of tissue forms organ and so on. At a young age, the cells are actively dividing and any damaged or weak tissue such as the collagen fibers will be quickly replaced. As we grow older, the cells will no longer be active in dividing and can no longer renew these elements that keep your skin supple.

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Cosmetic surgery scares people from seeking a youthful look

It will be hard to find that someone that does not want to look younger. A good evidence of attempts by people to remain young is the lowering of their ages. However, the idea of going under the knife (cosmetic surgery), the pains that will follow and the high cost of the procedure usually makes them reside to using beauty products.

Scientists have made several attempts in the past to restore youthful skin

Spiderweb technique is not the first attempt to address the problem of aging and sagging skin. Procedures such as mechanical peeling, laser surgery, facial mesotherapy and various other chemical procedures have been employed. Surgery was the extreme and most invasive of them all. The aforementioned techniques have either been used singly or as a combination.

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Spiderweb will give you back your youth

The beauty of Spiderweb is that it does not require any surgery and you can get back your tightness and youthful skin in half of an hour. It is that fast. This procedure can guarantee you a look of seven to ten years younger and can be used for the face and body as well. You no longer have to dream of the good looks when you can actually get it.

Spiderweb is a revolutionary appealing formula

The technique was developed by Bülent Cihantimur M.D is known as ‘Threadlift technique’ but he delights to call it the Spiderweb. In this procedure, thin polydioxanone threads are injected under the skin with the aid of very fine needles. These fine threads move to areas with thinning fibers of collagen or elastin and replace them.

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Spiderweb technique has many benefits

Unlike most of the previous techniques for rejuvenating the skin, the spiderweb technique does not have side effects. It does not also cause pain and most times, only an anesthetic cream will need to be applied before the procedure commences. The procedure will take an average of 30 minutes to complete while the injected threads will dissolve within six to eight months. The procedure will last between two and three years and stimulate the body to produce more collagen in the area.

Your activities will not be limited

When you go through a surgery, there are certain activities the doctors will ask you to stay clear for some time or for a lifetime as the case may be. Spiderweb technique will not prevent you from doing any of that. You can swim and sunbathe almost immediately after the procedure. There is no healing process too because the skin will not be subjected to intense trauma. The best result has been noticed after four weeks.

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Article highlights

  • The skin begins to sag as one grows old.
  • Collagen and elastin fibers are the components of the skin that keeps it supple.
  • The cells regenerate fast at a young age but slow as you get old.
  • The pain and fear of surgery makes people scared of cosmetic surgery.
  • Laser surgery, facial mesotherapy are some of the attempts of scientist at ensuring a youthful skin.
  • Spiderweb uses fine needles to inject thin polydioxanone thread under the skin.
  • Spiderweb is painless and does not leave skin tumors.
  • Unlike other age defying technique, spiderweb does not have side effects.
  • The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Spiderweb will not stop you from doing every other procedure.

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