Guide to Having a Dental Care in Mexico

Guide to Having a Dental Care in Mexico
Guide to Having a Dental Care in Mexico
October 25, 2016

Mexico is a growing destination for medical tourists for a number of reasons that are not related to the cost of treatment. Mexico is the center of attraction for breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage and tradition. It has the forest with the most biodiversity in the world. Tourists make their way to Mexico annually to get world class dental care and in addition, to enjoy some of these benefits. Here are some tips for the tourists who are planning to go for a dental checkup in Mexico.

Take time to find a medical facility that suits you

If you are looking for a medical facility to carry out your dental surgery, consider one that fits into your budget; likewise those that have a decent facility to guarantee you utmost care. Mexico can be a good choice for you in this regard.

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Mexico is an emerging dental tourist destination

Medical tourists are always skeptic about the safety of their destination. Mexico provides a high quality and affordable healthcare. However, medical travelers need to understand the requirements in crossing the border and must consider the procedure that they are getting themselves into very carefully. For a safe dental surgery in Mexico, you should be prepared for the following issues:

1. Know the rules and regulations about border

Medical tourists need to understand that when traveling across border cities, there will be no need for immigration visas. You should always have your travel documents handy, particularly your passport. Although there will be no customs check across the border, there is a limit to what you can carry. Bullets, recreational drugs, explosives, and narcotics are forbidden. Also, law might forbid you from taking wildlife and treasures out of Mexico.

2. Consult with the travel health providers before you travel

The first consultation you should make is that of making contact with travel health providers in Mexico for advice. This should be done four to six weeks before you travel. You also need to make sure that you have taken the necessary vaccination before traveling.

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3. Make sure that your dentist maintains hygiene

There are questions that may seem trivial but necessary to ask your dentist and they include how many times do they change gloves? How often they sterilize or disinfect their hands and drill pieces? If they sterilize their surgical water and so on. Getting nosocomial infection from dental surgery is very easy if proper hygiene is not enforced.

4. Be observant during treatment

It is wrong to hand over your health to other people. This is why you should keep your eyes open while in the dentist’s office. Look at the sanitation of the clinic – is it spotlessly neat? How often does the staff wash their hands between patients? Do they disinfect all the surfaces that have been touched during treatment?

You need to confirm that you did not get infected

Medical tourists with partially exposed lower wisdom tooth should think of removing it to prevent having it infected (a procedure known as pericoronitis). This infection can advance to affect the head and neck. Have your dental properly checked before leaving the hospital especially if you are coming from a far destination.

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Pressure changes in the plane can cause pain

Root canal treatments should be completed before you make plans to leave your clinic. This is because pressure changes in the aircraft as it flies can predispose you to infection. It can also lead to excruciating pain. When the treatment cannot be completed, it should be filled partially by your dentist using paste filling. This helps to reduce the chance of infection.

There are some activities you should avoid after dental surgery

Flying immediately after surgery may lead to blood clots and pulmonary emboli. Also try and avoid vacations and recreational activities such as sunbathing, smoking, swimming, drinking alcohol and engaging in strenuous activities.

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Article highlights

  • Mexican forest has the highest biodiversity in the world.
  • You have to consider a medical facility that suits your budget.
  • The decency of the medical facility is paramount.
  • The healthcare in Mexico is of high quality and affordable.
  • Medical tourists need to have the required documents for crossing the Mexican border.
  • Some of your activities will be restricted after dental surgery.
  • The pressure changes in a plane can have an adverse effect on your dental surgery.
  • Infection of the teeth can progress to affect the neck and head.
  • Interview your dentist to find out their level of hygiene.
  • Working with a medical travel agent can make your journey seamless.

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