How Gastric Sleeve Procedure Can Make You Lose Weight

How Gastric Sleeve Procedure Can Make You Lose Weight
How Gastric Sleeve Procedure Can Make You Lose Weight
October 1, 2016

The flaws in the health care system of many nations have prompted their citizens to seek improved health care in other nations. Medical procedures are no longer limited to particular regions. For example, in the past, only few countries in the west offered bariatric surgery treatment for patients with morbid obesity.

India is a prestigious medical tourism destination

India is one of the developing nations that already earned much reputation in the field of medical tourism with remarkable success. Indian hospitals have high tech facilities for all bariatric surgeries and this has made it possible for them to accommodate patients from all over the world seeking treatment for all the problems caused by obesity.

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Seventy percent of the stomach is removed in gastric sleeve procedure

A gastric surgeon carrying out gastric sleeve procedure will remove about 70 percent of the stomach making it take the shape of a tube or sleeve. This procedure is relatively simple and minimally invasive but the benefits are far reaching.

Gastric sleeve limits the possibility of future weight gain

One of the major challenges that people who are struggling to lose weight face is the regaining of the lost weight. Losing weight through exercise is a very tedious process and if the patient takes a long break from exercising, they tend to begin accumulating the lost weight. Permanent procedures like sleeve gastrectomy is a fast way to lose weight and will reduce the risk of regaining weight in the future.

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Gastric sleeve will eliminate the hormone for hunger

During gastric sleeve, the surgeon will remove the portion of the stomach that produces the hormone Ghrelin which stimulates hunger. After the surgery, the patient’s yearning for food will be greatly reduced. The reduced size of the tummy will also not allow them take in food in excess of the body’s requirement.

Excess weight will be lost in 12 months

Gastric sleeve is the fastest growing bariatric surgery and this is attributed to its safety. Patients who have undergone gastric sleeve have attested to losing as much as sixty to one hundred percent of excess weight within twelve and eighteen months. The recovery period is also very short with minimal side effects.

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Gastric sleeve leads to improvement in patient’s health

The benefit of carrying out gastric sleeve in India is numerous. Besides, the reduction in cost but quality treatment is a glaring side which has made India to be one of the world’s foremost medical tourist destinations. There are several other benefits that come with gastric sleeve which results in the overall well-being of the patient. Some of the benefits are:

  • The stomach volume is reduced without affecting its normal function.
  • It reduces the risk of ulcer.
  • Since the intestinal function is not affected (unlike in intestinal bypass) there is a reduced chance of intestinal blockage, osteoporosis, protein deficiency, anemia and vitamin deficiency occurring.
  • It is the most effective first stage procedure to rescue patients with high Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • It is the best alternative for those with high risk of Crohn’s disease and anemia where intestinal bypass is a risk factor.

Different facilities carry out bariatric surgery in India

Different facilities scattered around India carry out bariatric surgery. Irrespective of the facility you choose, the professionalism is the same. There is a team of highly trained professionals to attend to you using ultramodern medical equipment. The price of the procedure will also vary from one hospital to another. If you are planning a medical tourism to India, you can contact any of the medical facilities using their online portals or you can give them a call through their customer care line.

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Article highlights

  • Gastric sleeve is a bariatric surgery that removes 70 percent of the stomach.
  • People go for bariatric surgery in other countries mainly for cheap rate.
  • More countries are offering bariatric surgery now.
  • A good percentage of India’s revenue comes from medical tourism.
  • The hormone responsible for hunger is removed during the surgery.
  • Bariatric surgery limits the chances of future weight gain.
  • 70 to 100% of excess weight can be lost in 12 months.
  • Recovery period is very short in the case of gastric sleeve.
  • India offers this surgery at a reduced cost.
  • Price of surgery varies from one hospital to another according to the facilities associated.

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