How Possible is it to Build a Global Medical Tourism Platform

How Possible is it to Build a Global Medical Tourism Platform
How Possible is it to Build a Global Medical Tourism Platform
April 29, 2016

Tourism is growing at a galloping speed, no doubt. If the world could be reduced to a global village with the help of ICT, is it then possible to build a platform that will become the converging point for global tourism? These kinds of ideas are not out of place with the amount of acceptance the medical tourism industry is gathering in the later part of the past century .Medical tourism has its origin traced back to ancient Greece when people travelled long distance to get cure for various illnesses through some religious practice. The reasons for the current wave of movement for medical tourism are more complex than just seeking wellness.

Brief analysis of the movement of patients on global tourism

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In the past, patients particularly from developing countries who at that time had no trust in their medical personnel and whose countries lacked some of the essential tools used in medical practices quietly moved to countries where these limitations have been taken care of. In what would be termed a reversal reaction in chemistry, the opposite is now the case in recent times. Citizens of developed countries are the ones now moving from the developed countries to the developing countries to seek medical attention.

There are several reasons that have caused patients to move from developed countries to developing countries. A few of them have been highlighted below:

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  • Cost: patients in developed countries have come to realize that they can save up a huge amount of money when they have their medical procedure carried out in developing countries. This is because the standards of health care in most developing countries have been upgraded to become comparable to that obtainable in the West. But because of the generally low standard of living, the developing countries can afford to charge lower.
  • Government policies: this is a major key player in deciding the direction medical tourists should go. This is because there are some policies that forbid doctors from performing certain operations in a certain country. Desperate patients will naturally move to countries where they can get this service.
  • Combining wellness with vacation: there are some people that want to get a time off from work and from their home country and if it happens that they have a particular health condition at that time, they will decide to have the procedure done in the country where they have taken their vacation.

How medigo is already bridging the gap in global medical tourism

Medigo is a new establishment just about two years old. Founded in 2014, they coordinate medical tourism at a global level to intending medical tourists. Their Headquarter is situated in Berlin, Germany from which they have erected over five hundred health centers scattered globally. Some of the services they provide dentistry, oncology, reproductive medicine and over thirty five other health challenges.

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The greatest market for Medigo

The British are the greatest market for Medigo and research has shown that most of the British are more interested in seeking dental care. Medigo comes in to help them get the best treatment at a reduced cost and lower the time they should wait.

Article highlights:

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  • Medical tourism has its origin traced down to Greece.
  • There are various factors that cause movement of people for medical tourism.
  • The former trend in medical tourism was movement of people from developing to developed nations.
  • The current trend is movement of people from developed nations to developing nations.
  • The possibility of getting cheaper treatment drives medical tourism.
  • Government policy is one of the greatest forces that direct medical tourism.
  • Medical tourism provides the opportunity to enjoy wellness and tourism.
  • Medigo is a new establishment trying to make global medical tourism possible.
  • Medigo has its Headquarter in Berlin, Germany.

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