India is Imposing Herself as the Leading Destination for Low Cost Medical Tourism

India is Imposing Herself as the Leading Destination for Low Cost Medical Tourism
India is Imposing Herself as the Leading Destination for Low Cost Medical Tourism
April 29, 2016

India took the world by surprise when they began to offer low cost medical care to patients from around the globe. Statistics has revealed that patients going to India could save from between 40 to 60% on medical treatment. The figure is even higher if the patient is diagnosed at early onset of the ailment. However, most people only go to the hospital only when the condition has skyrocketed and at that time, the cost of treatment becomes doubled. This is the mere reason why people are advised to seek the opinion of a health professional whenever they notice abnormalities in their state of health.

Reason for the low cost of medical tourism to India

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It appears medical tourism to India is an inexpensive process but part of the reason is because of the exchange rate. On the parallel market, the Rupee is far off when compared to the USD or the GBP. What this means that patients from United States will have more money in their hands when they change their local currencies (USD and GBP) to the Indian accepted national currency which happens to be the Rupee. Because these medical tourists have more money in their hands, they will obviously think it is cheaper.

Putting quality and price side by side

It is normal as human beings to associate price with quality and the one that gets the lower price is often looked upon as an imitation. That is not the case with India health sector. Over the years, Indian government and some private institutions have pumped in money into the sector to bring it to world class standard. Most of the doctors that practice in India at one time or the other traveled to study in US or Europe helping them to be in tune with global practices. Some of the doctors that practice in India are also professionals of different nations other than India leading to diffusion of knowledge.

Other factors that favor the development of India Medical tourism

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There are other sublime factors that have been the reason for the growth of India medical tourism which most times doesn’t get the desired commendation. One of such factors that deserve to share the glory is the Indian medical school and her education system at large. The India medical school churns out a good number of graduates per annum, this also creates some sort of competition among the medical personnel leading to a scenario whereby if you make yourself overpriced, and you find it difficult getting hired.

Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals

Getting a JCI accreditation is not a child’s play. It is a long tedious procedure which is one of the reasons why many hospitals shy away from it. India has up to fifteen of such hospitals that have been duly accredited by JCI. Some of the hospitals includeMohali Fortis Hospital, Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai.

Low cost of medical treatment in India

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Though the tag “developing nation” may discourage one form heading to India for medical treatment, India has never defaulted in quality resulting in an influx of patients. On the other hand, the low cost can be attributed to the presence of too many professionals.

Article highlights:

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  • India is one of the leading low cost health care providers in the world..
  • Cost of treatment increases because people rarely go to hospital till the case has escalated.
  • Fifteen hospitals in India have obtained a JCI accreditation.
  • Low cost of treatment in India can be linked to the presence of too many professionals.
  • The education sector has a role to play in India medical sector.
  • Overpriced medical staff will have a tough time in India.
  • The cost of treatment in India is low but doesn’t undermine the quality.
  • The difference in exchange rate has a lot to do with the low cost of treatment.
  • Up to 60% cost can be saved by going to India.
  • Public private partnership helped to grow Indian medical tourism.

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