International Nurses will Find a Home in Australia

International Nurses will Find a Home in Australia
International Nurses will Find a Home in Australia
September 28, 2016

The government of Australia is mostly at the heart of their medical practice, urging them to provide best healthcare services to both the citizens and the visitors. Because of the increasing number of people to be cared for (which can be attributed to influx of medical tourists), there is a shortage in skilled nurses and doctors.

It is easy for international medical practitioners to work in Australia

Unlike in the United States and some other developed countries where it takes a stretch neck breaking documentation and visa modification before you can work, that of Australia is relatively easy. A step further, health immigrants are offered English communication aid by the Australian immigration and will help them adapt to the working environment.

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There are more foreign healthcare providers in Australia than indigenes

A news report some time ago revealed that out of the over seventy thousand medical practitioners that are domicile in Australia, only 47.3 percent were born in Australia. A larger fraction of the practicing immigrants who entered legally into the country are from South East Asia and Asia.

Foreign medical practitioners fill the shortage in the health sector

There is a heavy reliance of Australia on doctors and nurses from developing countries such as Zimbabwe, India and Nepal to fill the gap in her health sector. Currently, Australia has the highest number of medical practitioners not born in Australia compared to other nations of the world. One of the reasons for this may be because Australia immigration allows doctors and nurses to apply for skilled visas.

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Australian visa can be easily obtained if you have what it takes

There are three class of visas a medical professional can apply to and they are; Australia Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Subclass 489), Employer Nomination Scheme and Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). The qualities that can boost your chance of getting the visa are strong educational background, test of English, requisite skill and a few other immigration documents.

There are more visa programs for nurses than doctors

Foreign nurses would tend to take advantage of the myriads of visa programs they are for nurses to make their entry into the country easier. The available visa programs for nurses are; working holidays, Enhancement of skills, employer nomination scheme, temporary business visa, occupational trainee visa, general skilled migration, business visa, and regional sponsored migration scheme.

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The tourism potentials of Australia is one of the factors that makes it attractive to foreign medical practitioners

Australia is often nicknamed as the kangaroo land because of the large amount of kangaroos in the country. Many foreign health practitioners that come into the country do so not only to practice but also to enjoy the serene environment and have a closer look at natural artifacts that are abundant in Australia. There are wildlife that are only peculiar to Australia and cannot be found in any other region of the world.

Any of the visa options will get you into Australia

Aspiring professionals can find their way into Australia using any of the available visa programs as mentioned earlier. The Australian immigration does not entertain bias and gives out visa only on merit. The individual will have to go through a point based test to check their eligibility after lodging a formal application. Based on the result of your test and personal assessment, the Australian immigration will decide whether to hand you the visa or not.

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Article highlights

  • It is very easy for medical professionals to get into Australia.
  • A larger percentage of Australia health workers are from foreign nations.
  • Medical professionals from developing countries are heavily relied upon to fill the gap in the Australia medical sector.
  • The immigration laws of Australia have made it easy for foreign medical professionals to work in Australia.
  • Medical professionals often equate working in Australia as medical tourism.
  • The government of Australia is encouraging the medical tourism sector.
  • According to a report, only about 47% of medical practitioners in Australia were born in Australia.
  • Medical practitioners can have access into the country using any of the visa packages.
  • Nurses have more visa package than doctors.
  • Increase in medical tourists accounts for the shortage of medical staff.

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