Istanbul, Turkey is the Place to Get FUE Hair Transplant

Istanbul, Turkey is the Place to Get FUE Hair Transplant
Istanbul, Turkey is the Place to Get FUE Hair Transplant
October 9, 2016

Scientists opine that the hair is a great asset humans lose the most. As thousands of them are lost on a daily basis, so do thousands more grow from different parts of the body. Some people have more hairs than the others and men are usually more hairy than women. Much emphasis is usually laid on the hair of the head and the brow because they add beauty to the face when properly cared for.

Genetic problem can lead to excess hair or loss of hair

Women that have a large amount of testosterone in their body usually have hairs growing in certain parts of their body that hair would have been absent normally like on their jaws. This is termed medically as hirsutism. Alopecia is also a medical condition where people have abnormal loss of hair even at a young age. Alopecia totalis is the complete loss of hair. Those suffering from this condition will have not even a strand of hair on their head.

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FUE is transfer of hair graft to the recipient

This is a microsurgical operation where live grafts of hairs are transferred from the donor to the recipient. The follicular units or graft are cut along with the skin in a half-circular motion thereby taking the graft under the skin to the outer environment. Popularity of FUE for hair restoration is increasing with the passage of time.

FUE hair restoration treatment enhances hair growth

As one age, the tendency to lose more hair arises and many people will become bald at some point. FUE hair restoration treatment is a procedure that is used to reverse this process. The procedure results in fuller and healthier looking hair. This procedure is mostly utilized by men but can also be used by women.

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Hair loss is caused by weak hair follicle

Hair restoration treatment usually aims to strengthen the hair follicle because weakening of hair follicle is what leads to loss of hair. There are different hair treatment options that are used to increase the strength of the hair follicles. All of them have a different approach to action and should be picked carefully to suit the individual.

Hair transplant is necessary for certain individuals

When an individual has lost all or most part of his/her hairs, the only remedy would be a hair transplant. In hair transplant, hair follicle is grafted from a donor unto the recipient. Those who have not lost most of their hair may not necessarily need a hair transplant, rather, hair treatment.

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Eyebrow transplant is the cheapest hair procedure

The cost of hair transplant varies with the area of the transplant. In Istanbul, Turkey, eyebrow transplant is the cheapest among all the hair transplant procedure and will cost about € 1450. Other hair transplants includes beard transplant € 2050, hair transplant in one session € 2500 and hair transplant in two sessions € 3500.

Hair transplant prices cover other cost

The price for each type of hair transplant as mentioned above covers other costs such as doctor’s examination, interpretation services, pre and post-operative medications plus medical shampoo, VIP transfer from airport to hotel to hospital and back to airport at the end of the procedure and 2 nights hotel accommodation in a 4 star hotel.

This procedure has one advantage over the rest

The biggest advantage that this procedure has over the rest is that it does not leave a scar. The recovery rate is also very fast that a day after the procedure you can drive home. However, there may be a mild swelling in the area of the transplant 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

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Article highlights

  • The hair contributes to our beauty.
  • FUE hair treatment does not leave a scar.
  • Humans lose thousands of their hair on a daily basis.
  • Women with excessive flow of testosterone will have hairs on their beards and chest.
  • FUE is a microsurgery that grafts hair from donor to recipient.
  • Hair is naturally lost with age as a result of weakened follicles.
  • The aim of hair restoration treatment is to strengthen the follicles.
  • Hair transplant is the only option when most of the hair has been lost.
  • Cost of hair transplant in Turkey varies among clinics.
  • Turkey offers hair transplant at a reduced cost.

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