Key Points to Note about Medical Tourism

Key Points to Note about Medical Tourism
Key Points to Note about Medical Tourism
July 15, 2016

Medical tourism is almost as old as civilization itself but the practice keeps getting interesting tweaks with the passage of time. Not everyone can afford a medical tourism just as everyone cannot make sense out of the practice, but for aspiring medical tourists, the question racing through their minds are often related to those of what to expect from the expedition.

Survey is the best way to pool people’s experiences and opinion

The more the respondents of a survey, the better inference can be drawn. Medical tourism survey has been carried out severally in the past and the results obtained often have varying opinions. The purpose of a medical tourism survey is to access a community of people who have gone through medical tourism and try to find out their experiences.

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A few procedures dominate in the industry

There are a number of procedures covered in medical tourism one or more of which health travelers would seek on their journey. Of all the diverse surgeries, a survey revealed that cosmetics, obesity and dental procedures dominate the market followed by infertility and orthopedics. Majority of those who travel for medical tourism settle one of the above mentioned.

The duration of stay depends on the type of treatment

Normally, some procedures are faster than others and the patient would be back on their feet with or without the necessity of follow up care. From a survey carried out some time ago, it became clear that Orthopedic took 14 days, 13 days for Dental, Cosmetic surgery would last for 12 days or more, Infertility took 9 days to deal with and Obesity was 6 days. The days could also vary from one health center to another and from one country to another.

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Medical tourists often confront scary experiences

Majority of the respondents to the medical tourism survey did not hide the fears they faced about traveling to a strange land for treatment. To some, the eventualities were enough to stop anyone from making the journey.

The satisfaction level is individual dependent

Not everyone would be satisfied with their medical tourism experience. However, it was found out that the dissatisfaction level was greater among those that travel for cosmetic surgeries than those seeking treatment for life threatening ailments. This revelation is something that the industry can improve on.

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Dissatisfaction in cosmetic surgeries is tied to over expectation

No procedure is without significant flaws and this is one basic truth many of those that go for cosmetic surgeries fail to bear in mind. For example, someone going for rhinoplasty may have a particular shape of nose in mind and when the procedure is done, they would realize that the nose does not suit their face and then blame it on the doctor rather than their indecision and over expectation.

A higher percentage travel with a relative than friends

Traveling with a relative is always better than with a friend because there are times a legal document would need to be signed which a friend may not be able to cover. The current statistics says that 42% travel with relatives against 17% that travel with friends. As an intending medical tourist, you should have this in mind.

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Article highlights

  • Medical tourism began a long time ago and can be equated with civilization.
  • Some people may consider medical tourism as wanton display of luxury.
  • Intending medical tourists are mostly preoccupied with expectations from the journey.
  • Survey helps to collate the experiences of people on a particular topic.
  • Medical tourism survey has brought a lot of revelations.
  • Majority of medical tourists seek cosmetics, obesity and dental procedures.
  • Duration of stay will depend on the procedure, hospital and country.
  • Medical tourism is neither as rosy as it sounds nor as perilous as rumor goes.
  • Dissatisfaction is more among those that seek cosmetic surgeries.
  • Higher percentage of medical tourists travels with their relatives.

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