List of Things to Consider on Your Dental Trip to Mexico

List of Things to Consider on Your Dental Trip to Mexico
List of Things to Consider on Your Dental Trip to Mexico
October 27, 2016

Mexico in recent years has been booming with medical tourists seeking dental care which is one of their specialties. Their wide range of dental works covers cosmetic surgery and dental implants. Their expert staff that has been highly trained locally and internationally and their hi-tech medical facilities have to be given some credit when talking about their success in dentistry.

Medical tourists will not be given a list of things to carry

Medical tourists are usually preoccupied about which facility to visit that they often ignore the vital part of their journey which has to do with the necessary things to carry with them for the journey. While planning your trip to Lo Algodones or Cancun, there are things you should know which have been outlined in the list below.

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1. Know the procedure you intend to carry out

Ultimately, the problem is yours and you alone will properly understand your problem. It is necessary to carry out a simple research on your problem likewise how it can be handled. Talking to doctors and friends who have been through similar procedure will prepare you mentally for what lies ahead.

2. Research the clinic and their medical staff

After you must have concluded on what you want, the next step is to pick a clinic from the lot where you think your problem will be best resolved. Furthermore, have a look at the dentists in the facility you intend to visit. Go through their qualifications and records to determine their successes and failures. The truth is that there are various clinics offering the same procedures but not all of them are good.

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3. Accommodation concerns

If you are not traveling alone, you will need to get accommodation for your companion because the least you would likely to stay in the hospital is 2 days. Aside from the dental care, if you wish to spend some time and explore the beauty of Mexico, you will also need accommodation. Booking a hotel room early is better than just walking into any hotel in the street.

4. Insurance cover

Insurance can be very beneficial in saving you some cost. Mexican insurance on dental care is very low and cross country insurance on health care differs but it is good to check if your insurance covers it. What is the point of emptying your pocket if your insurance can take care of it?

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5. Have some local currency in your pocket

Peso is the local currency in Mexico and you should have some of it in your pocket. There are places where foreign currencies like the USD are accepted but you should not expect a mini vendor to accept it from you. Say, you want to buy sweets. You can find places to exchange your foreign currencies but they will always rip you off.

6. Keep your old medical records handy

To make handling of your case easier and faster, there is a need to carry your old X-ray, old medical records and doctor’s note along the journey. These documents will give the new doctor an idea of what has been done in the past so that they will know where to start.

7. Prepare for the weather and culture

Temperatures vary in Mexico and it may be wrong to assume that it will always be hot. Some cities, particularly those in the inland require formal attire. Learn about the culture of the area you intend to visit and abide by it. A little Spanish gesture will help you bridge the cultural and communication gap.

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Article highlights

  • The growth in Mexican health care has to give credit to the presence of hi-tech equipment.
  • There are certain things medical tourists to Mexico need to carry.
  • Medical tourists need to be sure of the procedures they want to carry out.
  • Analyze the staff of the clinic you want to visit.
  • Patients need to make plans for an at least 2-day stay in Mexico.
  • Patients that are not traveling alone will need accommodation for their companions.
  • There is no need to pay with your money if your insurance can take care of it.
  • The official currency of Mexico is peso.
  • There are places in Mexico where USD is accepted.
  • Old medical records can hasten your treatment.

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