Marketing Strategy for Medical Tourism in India

Marketing Strategy for Medical Tourism in India
Marketing Strategy for Medical Tourism in India
July 11, 2016

Medical tourism affords individuals the opportunity to get top class medical treatment across the globe and with the increasing competition in the field, medical tourists are now presented with a wide array of choices to make and the choice would most favor those that offer treatment at the lowest possible cost.

Indian GDP has a thing to say about her medical tourism

India is one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations and the reason is because they offer the lowest cost possible for surgeries and healthcare when compared to medical tourism heavy weights like the US and Thailand. Medical tourism contributes six to eight percent of India’s GDP which is a good figure for any nation.

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Medical tourism agents needs action plan to grow

The growth of medical tourism in India is directly linked to the action of the medical tourism agents. They help in advertising the county’s medical prowess while also helping interested medical tourists to acquire visa, help them through travel bookings and if possible, pick them up from the airports. They also arrange emergency insurance and travel insurance.

Implementation strategy is crucial to the success of medical tourism

The success of any medical tourist agent cuts across a number of sectors which includes sale strategy, strategic alliance, marketing strategy, product development and internet strategy. All the fields would need to be properly accounted for if the entire process is to be hitch free for intended medical tourists.

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Government policies greatly affect medical tourism in any country

Regulatory bodies like FDA, PCI and the rest of them usually make laws that affect the in or outflow of medical tourists in a country. Others are international civil aviation organization (ICAO) and their major role has to do with the regulation of flights. If there is a disagreement between two nations, ICAO of both countries can stop flights from coming in or going out into the other and as such, medical tourism is hampered.

Little can be achieved if more is not invested

The importance of funds in the growth of medical tourism is one topic that cannot be over flogged. The simple reason is that new medical equipment are being manufactured on a daily basis and any country that is serious about building a brand in medical tourism would need to keep up by purchasing these equipment.

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There need to be a committed man power involvement

Starting from the house keeping to the temporary staff and the commission based staff, all of them needs to exhibit a high sense of commitment if the industry is to make a head way. Medical tourism industry is one sensitive industry that has zero margins for error. If the odd news keeps filtering out, you soon lose your clients.

Publicity is twice as important as service

If you render a good service, the beneficiaries will always promote your service as they go out but that is not entirely reliable because the number of people they can reach and interact with will always remain limited. However, with good media publicity, you are bound to rake in citizens from all over the world – but you need to match your words with action or you may lose them more quickly than you found them.

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Article highlights

  • Medical tourism is a shot at cheaper healthcare.
  • Patients now have a wide choice on the place to get help from.
  • Medical tourism has contributed tremendously to India’s GDP.
  • The low cost of treatment in India attracts patients there.
  • Medical tourist agents through their actions spike the growth of medical tourism.
  • Medical tourism agents advertise and assist patients in getting their visa and other necessary documents.
  • The way their business plans are executed is very crucial to the industry.
  • The action of regulatory bodies can make or mar medical tourism in some countries.
  • Good healthcare services will attract more patronage through word of mouth testimonial.
  • A powerful publicity will help sway the choice of many.

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