Opportunities and Challenges of Online Medical Tourism Marketing

Opportunities and Challenges of Online Medical Tourism Marketing
Opportunities and Challenges of Online Medical Tourism Marketing
July 6, 2016

Medical tourism has grown in leaps and bounds in the twenty first century. Though this practice did not start today and can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, the purpose and nature of medical tourism have changed from a devout spiritual exercise to a form of life.

Medical tourism provides an attractive alternative

Medical tourism in recent times has become a means of many to seek better healthcare in countries other than the one they are domicile. The draw to travel for medical tourism is further strengthened by the reality that such travels also present very good relaxation opportunities – more like killing two birds with a stone. Therefore, when such chance, even the slimmest of it, presents itself, people are quick to grab it.

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Healthcare is cheaper in developing countries

Among other reasons, the primary reason why people embark on medical tourism is mainly for the amount they can save on treatment from somewhere else. Take a look at some classical examples – heart valve replacement costs around 200 thousand dollars in the US but only 15 thousand in India, Lasik eye surgery costs $3,700 in the US but only $700 in Philippines. A cosmetic surgery that would cost you $20,000 in the US cost only $1,500 in South Africa, and the list goes on.

The number of patients and the amount of spending are tremendously growing

As the medical tourism industry continued to expand, more and more people are willing to make the journey. For example, the amount of medical tourists that went to the US as of 2009 was put at 900,000 and their spending was $1.3 billion. By 2015, the number has grown tremendously; 4 million travelers were on record to have spent 11.8 billion dollars.

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Marketers are scrambling to outwit each other

The number of both inbound and outbound medical tourists is soaring and in the US, marketers are battling to keep shares while abroad (outside the US) marketers are scampering to take shares. The outcome of this is that both sides are using all sorts of gimmicks to attract patronage with compelling messages and using effective methods to deliver message.

Online marketers rely so much on social media

Recently, marketers are exploiting the huge internet usage across all ages to source for patronage. Majority of the people that seek medical tourism said that their destination choice was influenced by their online research. It is on record that eighty five percent of adult internet users aged 30 to 35 are active users. This available audience is the ones that internet marketers make their target.

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Greater success will be ensured by stringing variety of online medium

Marketers that record the most online success are those that carry out their adverts on various online platforms including blogs, personal websites, social media and various video media. For the success in video media, one would require a good and compelling presentation that would keep the audience glued to their seats till the end.

Online flexibility makes it the perfect choice for marketers

The ease of usability of the internet makes it a good place for marketing. Other tools like social media optimization help the marketers to increase the discoverability of their contents when users make a generic search on the internet.

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Article highlights

  • The growth of medical tourism has been unprecedented in the twenty first century.
  • Medical tourism combines health and relaxation.
  • Lower cost is the main reason for medical tourism.
  • Treatment is usually cheaper in developing countries than developed countries.
  • US marketers are fighting to keep their share of the market.
  • Foreign marketers want to take as much share of the US market as they can.
  • The flexibility and easy usage of the internet makes it a good place for ad.
  • Eighty five percent of US adults between 30 and 35 years are active internet users.
  • A combination of various online platforms brings more success.
  • Media optimization helps markets to increase their content discoverability.

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