The Prices of Breast Augmentation in Different Countries

The Prices of Breast Augmentation in Different Countries
The Prices of Breast Augmentation in Different Countries
December 11, 2016

Breast is one part of females that gives aesthetics as well as motherly look. Sagging of the breast is a natural phenomenon that comes with aging. However, with improvement in surgery, women who have sagging breasts or breasts that are not the size or shape they desire can have them augmented through a surgery known as mammoplasty. The cost of this particular surgery varies from country to country. A comprehensive study of mammoplasty and the causes of the varied range of cost for it have been discussed below.

Mammoplasty makes use of fat transfer

The breast can lose its shape, texture, and beauty after one has lost weight or after pregnancy. Accidents can also lead to the deformation of the breast. During mammoplasty, fats are harvested from other parts of the body and transferred to the breast to increase their size, shape and texture.The result of mammoplasty is usually immediate and also long lasting.

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Breast implants can also be synthetic

When the actress, Angelina Jolie went for a medical checkup, the prognosis revealed that she may likely come down with cancer. The surgeons had to surgically remove her breast and in its place, artificial implants were inserted. These implants are silicone bags containing silicone gel or saline. Each of the different filings has their pros and cons.

There are myriads of reasons that drive the flow of international medical tourists

The reasons that prompt medical tourists to move from their country of origin or residence to other countries are numerous and to a large extent vary from one individual to another. A few of the reasons are listed below.

1. Rare procedures

Many medical tourists move to countries where they can get procedures that are not available or allowed in their home countries. One of such procedures is stem cell transplant. This practice is considered as unethical and banned in many countries.

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2. Better facility

Some countries like the third world countries are still battling with a health system that is not properly developed. Some of these countries can rarely boast of high-tech medical facilities which can aid some physicians to successfully carry out certain procedures,

3. Shorter waiting time

One of the characteristics of performing surgeries in one’s home country is the long waiting time. Patients are often placed on a waiting list and this sometimes leads to an escalation of their already dire condition.

4. Cost

This is by far the most important reason that drives the direction of flow of medical tourist in recent times. Patients from developed countries are moving to developing countries because they offer treatments of nearly the same standard at a cheaper cost than can be gotten in the developed countries.

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Medical tourist can save as much as seventy percent of cost of treatment

The reduced cost of treatment usually results from the exchange rate of the local currency. The United States Dollars (USD), the Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and various other currencies are stronger than the local economy of the third world countries. When medical tourists change their currencies, they discover that they save more.

India’s medical tourist influx is linked to the cost of treatment

The cheapest medical augmentation surgery can be found in India. It is on statistics that breast augmentation ranks top among the procedures sought by medical tourists. As of now, medical tourism contributes a great deal to India’s GDP.

The highest cost of breast augmentation is in Turkey

The cost of breast augmentation is high in Turkey, costing over four thousand dollars. Getting breast augmentation surgery in certain parts of Asia such as South Korea and Thailand is usually very expensive when compared to the underdeveloped regions. North American countries like Mexico offer a prize that is moderate (between $2,000 and $3000).

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Article highlights

  • Breast surgery is also called mammoplasty.
  • Age can make the breast lose their firmness.
  • Women whose breasts have been scared by accident can have them repaired surgically.
  • Mammoplasty transfers fat from other parts of the body to the breast.
  • Breast implants can also be artificial.
  • Lower cost of surgery usually drives the direction of medical tourists.
  • There are people who travel to have access to improved facilities.
  • India offers the cheapest cost for breast augmentation surgery.
  • Medical tourist usually gets expedited attention.
  • Reduced cost of treatment can be linked to the different currency exchange rates.

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