Rapid Growth in Medical Tourism

Rapid Growth in Medical Tourism
Rapid Growth in Medical Tourism
September 26, 2016

Medical tourism is no longer a new practice and most of the participating countries are already reaping the dividend in terms of economic boost. There is also cultural intrusion and the striving to remain better so they do not go out of business. In all, the practice of medical tourism especially with growing competition among nations has helped to bring better and cheaper healthcare to patients.

India is one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world

The tide in medial tourism has seen a shift over the centuries. In the past, patients would only seek out treatment in developed countries. It is surprising now that patients from developed countries are also scampering to seek for medical treatment in developing countries. The reason behind this is hinged on a number of factors which will be talked about later in this article.

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Travelers experience hiccups in obtaining visa

The major setback that travelers would report is the challenge of obtaining a visa. This challenge is becoming slimmer in recent times. The number of visa dished out to medical tourists has witnessed a huge leap which is a demonstration of how liberal the visa administration has become. This liberalization was particularly evident in 2014.

There has been increase in the number of visa year on year

Between 2014 and 2015, the number of visa given out was almost doubled. For example, 75,671 visas were given out in 2014 but the number grew tremendously to 1,340,344 which is almost an eighty percent increase. As of the beginning of 2015, the number of issued medical tourism visas had already surpassed the record of 2014.

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The majority of India bound patients come from a few countries

Certain countries have been pinpointed to top the chart as the majority when it comes to seeking medical treatment in India. A row call showed that the maximum patients to India came from Nigeria, Oman, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan. The visitors usually come with those that will attend to them which were mostly a family member.

There are a number of reasons that are driving medical tourists to India

No doubt, it is normal for many to think that the reason why majority of people are heading to India to seek medical attention is because of top quality experts. This is not the only reason. A survey showed that most of the inbound medical tourists to India are driven by reduced cost of medical treatment followed by excellent facility.

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India tourism minister is working tirelessly to support medical tourism

The reason why the growth of medical tourism in some countries has remained stunted is because of lack of support. This is not the case in India. The India tourism ministry is doing all it can to lend a hand to the tourism ministry. One of the ways this has been done is by incorporating the National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board.

National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board has the role of promoting medical tourism in India

In a speech by the Union minister, he was quoted as saying that the board was constituted to provide institutional framework that will champion the promotion of the different medical processes offered in India such as yoga, homeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani. The board is working as an umbrella that would systematically promote these practices in an organized manner.

The future of India medical tourism is shining brighter

Projections have predicted there would be further rise in the number of medical tourists in India especially with the liberalization of visa. Most patients first consider the ease of obtaining visa before every other factor.

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Article highlights

  • Growing competition in medical tourism is leading to better healthcare.
  • Liberalization of visa has increased the number of visas given out.
  • Patients from developed countries are moving to developing countries.
  • There has been an increase in the number of visas given out.
  • Nigeria, Bangladesh, Oman and Iran form majority of India visitors.
  • Low cost of treatment is driving medical tourists to India.
  • Indian medical tourism is receiving a huge support from the ministry.
  • National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board is in charge of promoting the various treatments in India.
  • Medical tourism in some countries is not growing because of lack of support.
  • Most patients first consider ease of obtaining visa.

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