Reputation of Medical Tourism in India for Total Cure

Reputation of Medical Tourism in India for Total Cure
Reputation of Medical Tourism in India for Total Cure
September 6, 2016

Medical tourism is meant for both health and relaxation. India is becoming a hub for medical tourism, offering value to treatment by offering the lowest cost. The term was brought to life by travel agencies as a means of describing the growing trend of people moving across borders to obtain healthcare.

Medical tourism provides a relaxing recovery

Staying far away from home allows the patient to move their mind away from factors that can cause them stress. It helps the individual attain a relaxed mental state. A distressed mind leads to increased metabolism resulting in more wear to body cells and tissue, hence, reduction in healing process.

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Hospitals are making huge investments in equipment

Countries like India which aims to attract western patients spend a lot of money on equipment their hospitals to bring it to same standard as the one in the home countries of the patients. The improved technology, coupled with the low cost serves as an effective bait to lure the desired population into the country.

Package options will help you decide where to start from

As an intending medical tourist, one can easily get caught up in the confusion of deciding the right step to take in getting treatment abroad. Package deals can be a perfect start and a time saver. The available surgical options are usually cosmetic and dental surgeries. However, as the medical tourism market continues to grow, surgical options are opening up to include heart surgeries, orthopedic and knee replacement surgeries.

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Patients will not feel like they are in the hospital

Some of the hospitals designated for medical tourism in India are built like luxury hotels and the services rendered in them also mimic those of five star hotels that the patient may soon forget that they are in the hospital. Psychologists have shown that the less a patient feels that they are bed ridden and helpless, the more easily they would walk the path of recovery.

Get your budget right

The cost of medical tourism is an encompassing one cutting across mobility, accommodation and the actual cost of treatment. To avoid being stranded, it is paramount that a patient embarking on medical tourism get their calculations right. The best way to skip this hurdle is work with a medical tourism agent. These agents serve as mediators between the doctor and the patients. They book a meeting between the patient and the doctor and also secure their accommodation then relay the exact cost of the entire expedition to the patient.

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Language spoken by the destination countries should be put into consideration

Some of the countries that have made a mark in the medical tourism market include Portugal, New Zealand, Mexico, Thailand, Jordan, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, Malaysia, India, Germany, and Spain and so on. Among all the mentioned countries, India by far offers the cheapest cost for treatment. Besides the quality of healthcare and cost, another factor that should be closely considered would be the language. Inability to understand the language of the host country may mean increased cost in the form of hiring a translator.

Free mindedness will help you to enjoy the cultural heritage of the host country

All the nations of the world have cultural heritage that are peculiar to them. Cultures tend to affect every facet of human life, the way they act, the food they eat, attitude towards strangers and so on. You have to bear these in mind when travelling to a foreign land. You have to be free minded to accept their uniqueness and never expect them to behave like people in your home country.

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Article highlights

  • The culture of your host country will determine their attitude towards you.
  • Medical tourism is a term coined by medical tourism agents.
  • Cost and quality of healthcare greatly affect the choice of destination country.
  • Top medical tourism destination countries are scattered across the continent.
  • Medical tourism hospitals often look like luxury hotels.
  • Relaxation has been found to hasten recovery.
  • Reduction in brain activity leads to a reduction in metabolism.
  • It is important to get your budget right before embarking on medical tourism.
  • Language barrier should be put into consideration.
  • Equipment in medical tourism hospitals is constantly upgraded.

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