Steps in Planning Plastic Surgery Abroad

Steps in Planning Plastic Surgery Abroad
Steps in Planning Plastic Surgery Abroad
March 17, 2016

Medical tourism is becoming a booming business in Asia especially in several countries like Thailand and Malaysia who used it to grow their economy. The attraction to these Asian countries has to do with the cheaper prices which are often 50 to 70 percent off from what is obtainable in Europe and United States. It is not enough to save up the money for the surgery; you have to do some research to be sure of your safety where you are going. Your research finding should be centered on the following heads;

Research into the history and records when selecting a hospital

There will probably be more than one hospital that can handle the intended surgery in your destination country. How then will you be able to pick the best out of these lots? All it takes is a research into the history and records of the various hospitals. With digital technology, this should be easy to find on the internet. Reviews and success stories from people who have been there and back will also be helpful.

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The hospital should have enough Medical Facilities

Look at some of their medical facilities and compare them with what is currently in vogue. That is probably the best way to predict your safety. Outdated medical facilities are clear signs of not being serious.

Go to confident and qualified surgeons

Every hospital department has a Superintendent or Chief Surgeon. Find out the head of the surgeons in the hospital you intend to visit and have a discussion with them. Through such discussions, you will be able to observe their level of confidence through their tone. It will be best to put a call across to them because that is when you can easily access their tone. When you use mail, take note of their response time. If it takes long for them to respond to your query, it is a sign that their services are also questionable. Also find out if the surgeons are duly accredited and their level of certification is satisfactory.

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Go through a travel agency

For a country you have never been before, the best thing to do is to go through a travel agency. It will be the duty of the agency to provide and accommodation and secure your flight tickets once the agreed fees has been settled.

Learn the dominant language or translate it

Always find out the dominant language in your destination country and see how you can either learn it or get a translator if you foresee it to be a barrier in communication.

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Seek transparency

Nobody prays for disaster but what happens if it comes knocking? How far does your right allow you to seek redress? These are some of the questions you should seek answers to. Also find out if there have been incidences in the past and how they were addressed – if they were ever addressed.

Prepare your Post-Surgery plans

It would take a few days or weeks for you to bounce back to your feet depending on the type of surgery you had. It is necessary to put this in consideration while planning so you do not incur extra cost of traveling to your country and back for medical checks.

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Article highlights

  • Medial tourism is becoming a money spinner for Asian countries
  • Asian countries offer quality services in low cost
  • Check the history and records when selecting a hospital
  • Check if the hospital has modern medical facilities
  • Avoid hospitals that are operating with outdated medical facilities
  • You need to be operated by confident and qualified surgeons
  • A good travel agency can make your tour more comfortable
  • Learn the commonly spoken language if possible
  • Alternatively. translate the commonly spoken language
  • Find out the people who are not afraid of sharing information
  • Keep a post-surgery plan

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