Steps to Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon When Traveling to India

Steps to Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon When Traveling to India
Steps to Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon When Traveling to India
October 28, 2016

Beauty is one thing everybody desires but not everyone will be willing to go to the extreme to get it. Taking the decision to go for cosmetic surgery in India is not an easy task because a lot of considerations have to be made including the cost and extent of the treatment. The most important step is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is competent enough to do the job.

Cosmetic surgery can take care of a number of problems

Saggy nose, wrinkled skin, and droopy breast are some of the conditions that arise from age. As you age, the skin goes through a lot of transformation that can cost you your beauty. Accidents and bruises can also leave permanent scars on our body which quickly becomes an eyesore. Cosmetic surgery can take care of all of those.

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Saving cost is the main criteria why many patients choose India

Getting a safe and quality procedure ranks top when people make considerations on the place to perform their cosmetic surgery. Apart from that, patients are also looking for a way to save cost. India, Mexico, and Thailand have become a medical tourism hub because of their low cost of procedures driven by the increase in the competition among the countries.

How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon

Only the right cosmetic surgeon can guarantee you all the benefits that a cosmetic surgery can bring. Picking the right cosmetic surgeon is a herculean task for a number of reasons but there are a few pointers below can make the job seem easy.

1. Make a list of the available surgeons in India

Getting a list of all the available cosmetic surgeons in India can be very difficult because many of them are working hard to attract international patients. You can do this systematically by accessing their database or asking relevant questions.

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2. Scrutinize their credentials

When you have gotten the list of the cosmetic surgeons, take your time to go through their credentials and training. Do not be too keen on the one with the highest qualification; rather, seek for a surgeon that is a residency in plastic surgery because of the wealth of experience they will bring to the table.

3. Is your surgeon board certified?

Board certification is an important criterion to consider when making your pick. Indian National Board of Examination issues this certificate in India after you must have graduated from medical school, completed five years residency and garnered two years of professional surgery experience from an accredited clinic.

4. Which Societies do they belong?

Being a member of professional societies is a great boost to the resume of any surgeon. Their membership to professional societies can also aid your verification of their qualification because you can call on the societies they belong to provide the information. However, you should realize that not all professional societies are relevant.

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5. Do they have special privileges in the hospital?

If your surgeon is in the position to perform your surgery, get more details on this from the hospital because this information will be needed if an emergency should arise. When you have done all these and picked your favorite surgeon, the next step would be to fix an appointment with them.

Your first meeting should determine if you made the right choice of surgeon

Any patient who is going for a cosmetic surgery should normally be skeptical about the situation (unless maybe they have been through the process before). Your surgeon should be able to erase your fears and explain in details what the procedure would be like.

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Article highlights

  • Some people will be willing to go to extreme to be beautiful.
  • Beauty depreciates with age.
  • Cosmetic surgery can take care of many beauty problems.
  • Saving cost is the main aim of medical tourists.
  • The right surgeon can guarantee you all the benefits of medical tourism.
  • Have a list of all available cosmetic surgeons in India.
  • The doctor with the highest qualification should not be your target.
  • Pick only surgeons that are board certified.
  • Verify if the surgeon has special privileges in the hospital.
  • The right surgeon should be able to erase your fears.

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