Success of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery with a Special Focus on Latin America

Success of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery with a Special Focus on Latin America
Success of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery with a Special Focus on Latin America
October 14, 2016

According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, the cases of obesity in the world is more than double of what it used to be as of 1980. More than 1.9 billion adults (those 18 years and older) were reported to be obese in 2014 which is about thirteen percent of the world population. The good news is that obesity is preventable.

Bariatric procedure encompasses other procedures

The term bariatric is like an umbrella masking the different procedures culminating in weight loss such as gastric bypass, obesity plastic surgery, laparoscopic gastric banding and so on. Bariatric surgery in Latin America is getting special focus these days due to their recent development in surgical faculties.

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Overweight is usually as a result of gross inactivity

Being overweight is usually the fastest way to attract demeaning comments. Majority of people who are overweight usually do not like their condition and would be prepared to do anything to lose the extra pounds. Overweight is also attributed to high inactivity. Engaging in physical activity is vital to burn excess fats and calories.

Dieting and Exercising are the first attempts by people to lose weight

Overweight people who are making an attempt to lose weight, most times, would settle for exercise––running a few meters every day. Others may sign up with a gym and make attempts to be devoted to their activities. Cutting down on diet is usually the next thing they would do. Inasmuch as these are good attempts but sustaining them over a long period of time may not be feasible.

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Bariatric surgery is becoming increasingly popular for weight loss

The main focus of bariatric surgery is to limit the amount of food that is consumed or absorbed by the body by reducing the size of the stomach. After the surgery, the patient’s appetite for food is greatly reduced which will result in weight loss in the long run without having to go through the rigors of exercise or miss their favorite meal.

More facilities in Latin America are being offered in bariatric surgery

The success of medical facilities in Latin America to conduct bariatric surgery has a lot to do with their improved facilities. Some of these facilities have also lured United States Board-Certified bariatric surgeons. A good example is Dr. Gonzalez Rodrigo who works in a facility located in Guatemala City known as Angels Abroad.

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Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery are offered other supports

The good part of going to a Latin American facility for bariatric surgery (like Mexicali in Mexico) is that the patient will be counseled and given nutritional support. This has helped a large number of obese individuals to have a healthier life leading to a better and improved quality of life.

Increasing numbers of patients are heading to Latin America for bariatric surgery

Citizens of Canada and those in various parts of European countries would prefer to go to a Latin American country to get a bariatric surgery than head to the United States. Coupled with the diversity of bariatric surgery that is carried out there, they also offer the procedure at a cheaper rate than the United States. For example, bariatric surgery in the United States costs between $17,000 and $30,000 while the same procedure would cost only $10,000 in Mexico and $9,000 in Costa Rica. For this reason, patients are ditching the US for Latin America.

Travelers are treated to safe travel

Medical tourists seeking medical care in any of the Latin American countries (Argentina, Mexico, Columbia and Costa Rica) are provided with safe travel options. Latin America is gradually dominating as the best providers of cheap and effective medical health care for the global community.

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Article highlights

  • Obesity cases are more than double of what it used to be in 1980 as of 2014.
  • Obesity is preventable.
  • Bariatric surgery is a term used for weight loss surgeries.
  • Overweight results when the patient has a long-standing status of physical inactivity.
  • Overweight patients usually resort to exercise.
  • Cutting down diet is also recommended for obese patients.
  • The size of the stomach is reduced in bariatric surgery.
  • Latin American countries are attracting US based certified doctors.
  • Latin American facilities provide nutritional support and counsel the patients.
  • The high cost of surgery is making patients avoid the US.

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