The Growing Field of India’s Dental Tourism

The Growing Field of India’s Dental Tourism
The Growing Field of India’s Dental Tourism
May 25, 2016

India in the last few decades have keyed into the growing global tourism sector (the concept of people leaving their home countries to other countries for health care). Majority of these travels try to exploit the financial gap between the medical services of their home countries and that of the host country while also enjoying a decent vacation away from work and familiar grounds. It is estimated that more than hundred and fifty thousand patients head to India to enjoy quality healthcare at low cost.

Dental care tourism in India

Among all the services rendered in India, dental care has been at the forefront. Of all the clinics dealing on dental care, Dentzz has been a leading dental care provider. Armed with physicians and practitioners that are highly skilled, Dentzz clinic has state of the art infrastructure and facilities that can be comfortably compared to other medical clinics in the west. India hitherto has been a hub for open heart surgeries and knee surgeries but the growth of dental care over the last couple of decades has been unprecedented.

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Growth in dental care in India

Dental care has grown over the years in India attracting patients from all over the world including US and Canada. The growth has drawn the attention of policy makers in the government, researchers and media. Before treatment for some ailments can commence in some countries, the patient will have to wait for long hours for diagnosis and signing of agreements and settling of some legal terms. This can be very frustrating and has accounted for the reason why many of the aforementioned nationals rush to India to get things done. This has resulted in a flow where patients move from richer countries to poorer countries for convenient access to health care.

Statistics of spending for dental care in India

Though the statistics of the total spending for dental care in India has not been properly documented, researchers have found that the cost of dental treatment in India can be as small as one-tenth of what is obtained in the West. The current annual spending by medical tourists is currently placed at 6 billion dollars but with the current influx of medical tourists, the figure is expected to be doubled by 2018. These projections also have a lot to do with the constant upgrade done by Dentzz to her medical facilities. The recent figure confirms how important medical tourism as a whole has become a major key player to the Indian economy.

What makes Dentzz clinic stand out as a better dental care provider

Though there are various clinics in India that provides dental care, Dentzz clinic seems to be the most outstanding of them all and the reason is not miles away. Dentzz is made up of a team of experienced dentists both local and international who are passionate about what they do. The horde that head to Dentzz clinic is because they use cutting edge technology to ensure their patient gets the best of dental care. Their after clinic follow up is wonderful too which is a vital part of any health system to be sure the patient reaches optimum recovery.

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Article highlights

  • India was formerly a hub for open heart and knee surgeries.
  • Medical tourism entirely plays a major role as part of India’s annual GDP.
  • Dentzz clinic is one of the best when it comes to dental care in India
  • Dentzz clinic has both local and foreign dental experts.
  • Medical care in India can be as cheap as a tenth of what is obtainable in the west.
  • In Dentzz clinic, the equipment used are cutting edge.
  • The professionals at Dentzz clinic easily follow up health care till the patient is fully recovered.
  • The amount of spending in India medical tourism is projected to rise above $6 billion by 2018.
  • Indian medical facility helps foreigners bypass long health protocols.
  • People are moving from rich nations to India for reputation in various dental procedures.

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