The Prospect and Possibility of Medical Tourism in Greece

The Prospect and Possibility of Medical Tourism in Greece
The Prospect and Possibility of Medical Tourism in Greece
September 10, 2016

History would not forget it overnight that Greece is the birthplace of medical tourism. Medical tourism was traced back to Greece. Medical tourism then was a form of religious practice where people traveled from far away for temples to obtain healing. The practice grew from there to what is now known as the modern medical tourism.

Ancient Greek religious sites dates back to 10 centuries BC

Greece is significant to medical tourism for a number of reasons. Some of the monuments such as the giant gold statue of Zeus – one of the Seven Wonders of the World has become a UNESCO heritage sites. Greece is still the place where Olympic flame is still lit.

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Greece lost out in medical tourism drive

As the medical tourism sector grew, many countries began to invest heavily in equipment and infrastructure to aid healing. Greece lost out because their government failed to invest in the industry. As years went by, those that would normally visit Greece began to opt for other countries.

Travel can be bad for health

Recent research by Columbia University study of business travelers found that frequent and extensive travel can be detrimental to the health of the patient by increasing cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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The path to obtaining healing is diverse

Healing can be nature based or spiritual. The nature-based healing includes forest therapy, mountain resorts, eco-village and hiking. The spiritual forms of healing usually focus on nature retreats, yoga and meditations. Greece is endowed with some of the natural geographies that promote healing spiritually.

Detox programs leads to general cleansing

Nutrition is one of the ways of ensuring healing. Eating healthy food is a pre-requisite to ensuring good health. Detox programs are usually organized to cleanse the body of toxins. Detox programs makes use of herbs and fruits and some other natural products which are either applied on the body or taken orally depending on the aim of the program. Some of these detox materials are readily available in Greece.

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Proactive health is the key to optimal state of well-being

Actions can either be proactive or reactive. While the former aims to prevent the occurrence of disease or health problem, the latter focuses on treatment. The reactive health tends to treat and cure illnesses, tends to be corrective and the state of wellness is episodic. The proactive health on the other hand is holistic and maintains an improved health.

Europe is leading in spa revenues

While Asia has the highest number of spas, Europe is still leading as the continent that grosses the most revenue from medical tourism in the form of spa. Europe’s revenue from spa is currently placed at over twenty nine billion dollars per annum. Out of all the continents, Africa ranks the lowest in revenue from spa – because they have very little amount of them.

Greece is diversifying their medical treatment options

Greece as of recent time has begun to diversify the treatment they provide. Health procedures like cosmetic surgeries, dentistry, sports and fitness and so on are currently being offered in Greece. The tide seems to be against Greece because many other countries have become highly developed that patients now prefer them to Greece. If the government of Greece can increase the funding for ultramodern equipment and infrastructure, there is a possibility that they will catch up with the trend. They can also employ the power of social media marketing to attract more global patients.

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Article highlights

  • Greece is the birthplace of medical tourism.
  • Some of the artifacts in Greece are UNESCO heritage site.
  • Medical tourism in Greece used to be a religious practice.
  • Greece lost out of medical tourism because of lack of investment.
  • Too much traveling can be bad for health says a report.
  • Many of the monuments in Greece can provide healing and relaxation points.
  • Being proactive is a better wellness approach.
  • Europe is still the highest grossing in medical tourism.
  • There are many parts through which healing can be sought.
  • Detox program is the total purging of toxins from the body.

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