The Risks and Gains Associated with Medical Tourism

The Risks and Gains Associated with Medical Tourism
The Risks and Gains Associated with Medical Tourism
April 29, 2016

Medical tourism for different individuals means different things. For some it is a cool way to spend money while to others it is the last resort to get healing. Medical tourism has a convoluted history which centered on spiritual healing to a more robust scientific healing with state of the art facilities. However, people rarely concern themselves with the risk associated witsuch procedure like they eulogize the gains.

What medical tourists stand to gain

Littering the internet is a testimony to those who have gone through successful surgeries or treatments. One of the greatest gains that are part of the key driving force for increased medical tourism is cost. Some developing countries have improved health system that offers world class medical services at great discount from what is obtainable in the west. The price has made it possible for the middle class earners to also share in the possibility of a good healthcare. Other gains of medical tourism include;

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1. Finding cure for problems that cannot be cured locally

Some countries (especially the poorer developing countries) may not have the facility to diagnose or treat certain ailments but with the help of medical tourism, the patient can easily cv seek for help in countries that have the capability to handle such situation.

2. Having a procedure which is not allowed in home country

There are countries where sale of organs or abortions are not allowed legally. Girls who have been raped and became pregnant and people who have come down with organ failure may find it difficult to get a remedy in their home countries but with medical tourism, they will be able to find the desired remedy in countries whose laws do not impede such procedures.

3. Easy Access to quality healthcare

With the JCI certification, it is now easy to tell which hospital operates at world standard and those who are lagging behind so that patients will now be sure of where they are putting their money.

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4. Feel relaxed while healing

Since you will travel in a new area, you get to feed your eyes with breathtaking monuments and enjoy some luxury while obtaining treatment. Medical tourism has become the greatest way of combining health and relaxation.

Risks associated with medical tourism

There are still risks associated with medical tourism which medical tourists need to be aware of so that they can properly prepare themselves mentally for what lies ahead. Some of the risks include;

1. Possibility of picking up other infections

Some organisms have become resistant to drugs and they could be easily picked up by the patient during the operation and it becomes a great problem when they travel back home.

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2. Dealing with follow-up care

Patients rarely prepare for follow-up care which is a vital part of the healing process to make sure there are no complications later on. Patients usually travel back immediately after the operation and going back for checks could be cost effective.

3. Adapting to food and lifestyle

The food available in the host country may differ remarkably from what the patient is used to. This may result in difficulty in adapting to the food and we all know how vital food can be to health.

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Article highlights

  • What medical tourism really is.
  • How medical tourism evolves.
  • How medical tourism contributes as a life saviour.
  • What the tourists gain from traveling to seek medical attention.
  • Disparity in medical costs in various countries affects medical tourism.
  • Why patients need to prepare for follow-up healthcare.
  • Countries that undergo medical tourism the most.
  • What medical tourism means to different people.
  • Medical tourism has also some concerns associated.
  • How medical tourism allows people to bypass local limitations and laws

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