The Uniqueness of Laryngeal Cancer Cure in Hyderabad, India

The Uniqueness of Laryngeal Cancer Cure in Hyderabad, India
The Uniqueness of Laryngeal Cancer Cure in Hyderabad, India
October 1, 2016

The larynx is a part of the throat that lies between the base of the tongue and the trachea. The larynx contains the vocal cords. The function of the vocal cord is to vibrate when air is directed against them, a phenomenon which helps us to talk and make different sounds. Laryngeal cancer is diagnosed when cancerous cells are found in the larynx.

The cause of laryngeal cancer is not fully understood

There has been no established link to the cause of laryngeal cancer but it has been observed that excessive stimulation of the vocal chords especially among musicians can stimulate the cells in the region to begin to multiply uncontrollably.

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Surgery is the main resort in treating laryngeal cancer

The delicate nature of the larynx means that care has to be taken when working on them. Laryngeal operations involve the separation of the airway from the esophagus, mouth and nose and in some cases the total removal of the larynx. This procedure is termed laryngectomy. There are two types of laryngectomy and they are –

1. Total laryngectomy

This procedure as the name implies is the total removal of the larynx from the neck. The choice of total laryngectomy may be informed by the stage of the cancer and the overall well-being of the individual. It is usually the last resort if the larynx is too damaged or the cancer is a major threat to the life of the individual.

2. Partial laryngectomy

This is a milder procedure that comes into play when the larynx is partially damaged and can be remedied. The damaged portion is removed and then the area is treated with radiation to remove any further trace of the cancer.

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An opening will be created in the neck for the patient to breathe

Patients who undergo laryngectomy will have an opening (called stoma) made in their neck through which they can breathe. There are different types of laryngectomy which include microlaryngeal surgery, transoral laser exicision, laryngo fissure, laryngopharyngooesophagectomy and direct laryngoscopy and biopsy. The duration the patient will stay in the hospital depends on the type of procedure carried out.

Laryngeal cancer surgery in India has many benefits

Successful completion of this operation will prevent the cancer from spreading further to other regions. The surgery to remove the cancerous tissue from the neck and larynx will also relief the patient of the constant pain in the neck that laryngeal cancer presents. The cost of laryngeal surgery in India is also among the cheapest in the world.

Larynx surgery in India comes as a full package

When you are given a package treatment for larynx cancer in India, you should know that the treatment cost covers all expenses such as surgery cost, doctor’s fees, nursing charges, hospital costs and cost of transportation (to and from the airport).

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Pre-investigation and post evaluation costs are not included in the treatment package

Pre-investigation is charged separately. Pre-investigation usually includes MRI, PET, CT and other routine tests. The package does not also cover post-surgical re-evaluations and medications. The maximum stay for any form of cancer is six days and the patient party has to pay the above mentioned charges outside the package for medications before and after this duration.

Indian laryngeal cancer treatment offers additional services out of the package

When you go to India for laryngeal cancer surgery, other additional services you can get are free visa support, advanced cancer diagnostics, an accommodation that is very low when compared to hotels, free airport shuttle transportation. Those receiving chemotherapy with an accommodation close to the clinic will have free medical support.

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Article highlights

  • The cause of laryngeal cancer is usually unknown.
  • Larynx is the region between the tongue base and trachea.
  • Laryngectomy can be an effective surgery for laryngeal cancer treatment.
  • Laryngectomy is the partial or total removal of the larynx.
  • Several other laryngeal surgeries are conducted in India and the duration of stay varies among them.
  • Indian hospitals also offer some free services to laryngeal surgery patients.
  • The major benefit of laryngeal cancer operation is that it stops the cancer from further spreading.
  • When the larynx is not fully damaged, partial laryngectomy is conducted.
  • Pre-investigation cost is not included in the treatment package.
  • Treatment cost for laryngeal surgery patients in India comes as a package.

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