Weight Loss can be Achieved through Specialized Surgery

Weight Loss can be Achieved through Specialized Surgery
Weight Loss can be Achieved through Specialized Surgery
December 16, 2016

Gaining and losing weight is the only action that goes against the natural law which stipulates that building up is more difficult than breaking down – in this case, it is the other way round. Too much weight gain can lead to obesity which is the lead cause of many health complications today. For instance, obesity is the lead cause of cardiac arrest which has a high fatality case globally.

Treating obesity is difficult and expensive

The natural remedy to obesity that many health professionals would mostly recommend are cutting down on carbohydrate intake as well as a daily regimen of exercise. These have been found to be effective but are slow to reach the desired target and exhausting too.The other near-natural remedy that is currently been explored is surgery but that too is very expensive.

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There are different surgical procedures that lead to weight loss

Bariatric surgeries, lap banding, gastric banding, and gastric bypass are some of the currently explored surgeries that ultimately lead to weight loss. Their result ranges from almost immediate to a few months or years. The only setback which may make them inaccessible to everyone is their high cost – running into tens of thousands of dollars.

The cost of obesity surgery is relatively cheaper in Mexico

Americans and citizens of other nations aiming to cut down their weight now resort to the surgical procedures mentioned above. When it comes to destination, Mexico is preferred because they have professionals that are willing to offer the service at a rate that is cheaper that what can be gotten in other regions of the world that offer similar services. For Americans, this is also a closer alternative.

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Obesity surgery is aimed at removing the excess fats

Obesity surgery tends to remove the excess fats in the tummy and laps which are the areas that tend to be obese. In a few procedures like gastric bypass, the absorption of food is reduced so that when the patient takes in their food, only a small fraction of it is reabsorbed into the body. In other cases, the size of the stomach is ultimately reduced so that the patient’s appetite for food drops remarkably.

The surgery to take care of obesity is safe

Just like the nonsurgical treatment for obesity, the surgical treatments are safe and come with no or light side effects. Patients who have gone through these procedures – like when the size of the stomach has been reduced to stop craving – usually face an initial behavioral adjustment step till they become used to their new appetite.

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Patients who have gone through obesity surgery are subjected to post-surgical care

Post-surgical care is necessary to help the patient get used to their new physiological changes to avoid anxiety. The aftermath of obesity surgery includes reduced intake of food and reduced toileting which can be a source of anxiety to the patient. Obese patients also need a nutritional guide after the surgery to avoid making the process counterproductive because wrong dieting can return them to their initial state.

Enormous amount of weight can be lost in a short time

Obesity surgery has been shown to produce an incredible result in a very short period of time. For example, there have been cases where patients were able to lose as much as fifty-two pounds in four and half months. Many of these testimonies written by patients who have gone through the process of one obesity surgery or the other have been widely reported and could be a crucial read for those who have the intentions of going through similar procedures – as a source of courage.

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Article highlights

  • Gaining weight is very easy and the reverse is extremely difficult.
  • Excess weight gain can lead to obesity.
  • Obesity is a predisposing factor to various fatal diseases including cardiac arrest.
  • Obesity surgeries are very expensive.
  • The natural remedy to obesity is exercise and diet.
  • Exercise and diet take time to give the desired result.
  • Obesity surgeries give a near instant result of weight loss.
  • In obesity surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced by the physician.
  • Obesity surgeries can be in different forms.
  • Mexico offers cheap obesity surgeries which make them a medical tourism hub.

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