What makes Greece a Popular Medical Tourism Hub

What makes Greece a Popular Medical Tourism Hub
What makes Greece a Popular Medical Tourism Hub
April 29, 2016

There are so many fascinating reasons why Greece is a top destination for medical tourism besides the fact that medical tourism has its history traced to the heart of Greece, Greece has breathtaking geography and cultures that will not only entertain you but will also help to hasten your recovery process. That is not all; Greece has grown from offering a few medical aids to carrying out diverse and even complicated medical surgeries like heart surgeries, hip replacement and in vitro fertilization. Other factors that make Greece a medical tourism destination includes;

1. Familiar language

The official language in Greece is Greek but in majority of the cities, English is spoken. As a medical tourist from America this is a big plus because there will be a better understanding of your requirements. That is not all, it also means that you will be able to save up the money that you would have used to hire an interpreter and put it into planning your tourism. Unison in language comes with some level of confidence which is great for successful operation.

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2. Familiar climates

The climate in Greece is very familiar to Americans and other European countries. Besides the coastal areas, majority of Greece has a continental climate. The extremes are summer and winter which are usually very hot and very cold respectively. The best time to visit is usually between mid-June and August. This also coincides with spring and autumn. However, flights are always costlier at this time of the year. The climate is therapeutic in a kind of way.

3. High Sense of professionalism

Greece surgeons are highly knowledgeable and specialized in their chosen field of study. Majority of Greek doctors have at one time studied abroad including UK and America. They also participate in conferences and formulation of medical laws to keep them updated.

4. Adherence to global practices

Many of Greece medical infrastructures have obtained JCI certification and also make sure they keep to the global best practices and standard when it comes to provision of medical care. They also have state of the art facilities to help them stay ahead when it comes to provision of standard health care.

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5. The best way to cut cost

Greece also offers medical surgeries at a discounted rate compared to what is obtained in other parts of the West. The amount you could save can sower up to thirty percent depending on your home country and the type of surgery you intend to undergo. You can always be sure to get incentives on travels and accommodations.

6. Follow up medication

Greek doctors usually have friends and colleagues all around the globe which makes it easy for them to follow up you medication even when you have gone back to your home country.

7. Feeling at home

Greek hospitality sector is next to none globally and would make you feel at home. The exotic treatment you will receive will be enough to hasten your recovery.

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8. Higher rate of success in surgeries

When compared to other countries, the rate of success of surgeries and medical procedures in Greece is higher when compared to other countries.

9. The best blend of healing and tourism

The quality medical services coupled with sights of places such as Syntagma Square and port of Piraeus will make your recovery speedy.

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Article Highlights

  • What makes Greece a medical tourism destination?
  • How Greece blends medicine with tourism.
  • The beautiful sights a tourist might enjoy in Greece.
  • What makes Greece a safe place for medical tourism?
  • What is the best time to visit Greece?
  • What makes the climate in Greece unique?
  • Surgeries carried out in Greece has a great success rate.
  • Greek hospitality gives a warm experience to the medical tourists.
  • Greece offers follow-up of medication even when back at home.
  • Lower cost of operation is carried out in Greece

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