What Makes India Stand out in Medical Tourism for Orthopedic

What Makes India Stand out in Medical Tourism for Orthopedic
What Makes India Stand out in Medical Tourism for Orthopedic
April 29, 2016

Medical tourism is a fast booming business globally and some countries have developed in it to the point that a good part of their national per capita income depends on it. Recently, some developing nations like India have built on their medical infrastructure, making them a home for medical tourists who are seeking care for different medical attention including knee adjustment, cardiac surgeries, cosmetics and orthopedics. There are various reasons why India is now a preferred country for orthopedic processes and some of them are highlighted below.

Low cost of surgeries and orthopedic processes

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Surgeries can be very expensive and has always been the problem medical tourists have to grapple with. Medical tourists often save for months to be able to afford the cost while others who need urgent care would resort to asking for aids. If they should ever get a destination that can offer them quality for a reduced rate, they will always grab the opportunity with both hands. India offers orthopedic surgeries for up to 30% discount when compared to the US and UK. This has made India the medical tourist destination for patients from the aforementioned country who are seeking cheaper quality healthcare.

A more lenient medical policy

India has a more lenient medical policy which allows the medical practitioners to carry out some manipulations on the patient which would have been forbidden in other countries. For example, the US policy doesn’t allow for some organ transplant but a desperate US citizen can have this done in India hassle free.

Trained and professional doctors

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Most of the orthopedic doctors in India trained abroad in countries such as US and UK and various other European countries. These doctors return to India to give back to their society what they have learnt and also passing their vast knowledge to the home grown doctors. Indian hospitals also employ professionals from all over the world to work in India making them the hub for the best brains and dedicated doctors.

The presence of efficient Medical tourism agents

India also hasefficient medical tourism agents that will ensure your visit from start to finish is without any problems. One of such medical tourism agent is tour2india4health Medical Tourism Consultants. They will help you organize your visit from point of entry to till the point where you leave the country, relieving you of the mental stress which will help to speed up your recovery. Tour2india4health Medical Tourism Consultants offers the best guide for patients seeking orthopedic surgery and they can be contacted through their email, [email protected] or you could give them a call at +91 – 9325887033.

Follow up medical care

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One uphill task medical tourist faces is what to do if complications occur when they return to their home countries. Many Indian doctors have colleagues all over the world who they will contact or refer the patient to for proper checkup as long as the recovery lasts.This saves the patient the cost of returning to India routinely for medical checks.

Article highlights:

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  • Medical tourism plays a major impact on the economy of India.
  • The major reason why people opt for medical tourism to India is to get cheap healthcare.
  • Many Indian orthopedic doctors are trained abroad.
  • Indian doctors are widely connected to make follow up checks easy even when the patient has returned to his or her home country.
  • Medical tourism agents such as tour2india4health Medical Tourism Consultants make planning for orthopedics tourism easier.
  • Orthopedic tourism in India can save you up to 30% in cost.
  • Tour2india4health Medical Tourism Consultants can be contacted through email or phone.
  • India offers a more friendly medical policy.
  • Indian hospitals employ professionals from all over the world.
  • Indian orthopedic hospitals combine low cost with high quality.

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