A Growing Access for Cancer Patients to Seeking Support

A Growing Access for Cancer Patients to Seeking Support
A Growing Access for Cancer Patients to Seeking Support
October 16, 2016

Being handed a cancer diagnosis is like taking a trip to a lonely planet. The psychological trauma can equal or exceed the physical pain the patient goes through. So many people have made varying attempts to show their support for victims of cancer and some time ago, Karen Marshall, a legal blogger wrote a post he captioned ‘Picking Your Support Team’.

Supporting cancer victims can make all the difference

The primary duty of a support team should be that of providing care and information to those battling for their life with cancer. Having people who are willing to fight with you as a cancer patient is important to every cancer patient to enable them to fight off the psychological trauma associated with the condition.

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Religious organizations used to be the leading source of support

Many of the religions believe that there is life beyond the current one. Prayer sessions and frequent visits from members of religious associations will help to drive away the feeling of depression and isolation while giving the victims a reason to keep up the struggle.

Family is the greatest source of support to cancer patients

Unless the cancer victim is not in good terms with their families, the family is usually the greatest source of support to those suffering from cancer. They will often handle the treatment bills and provide the patient with the information on how to improve the quality of their lives.

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Support will help the cancer patient cope with the rigorous treatment procedure

The treatment options currently available for cancer (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery) are very tedious. Often, patients will have to go through more than one session of treatment and a combination of treatments. A survey revealed that most mesothelioma patients are further exhausted by the treatment procedure. Having someone nudging them on always makes the difference.

Digital support for cancer patients is on the increase

The globalization of the world through computers and the power of the internet have made a remarkable difference to the lives of those living with mesothelioma. Cancer patients often resort to social media such as Facebook to seek support by linking up with people undergoing through similar challenges. For example, there are groups on Facebook dedicated to cancer patients where they come together to motivate each other.

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There is a new digital support inspired by someone who was a victim of cancer

The inspiration to create a website, IHadCancer.com, struck Mailet Lopez after she was treated for type 2B breast cancer. Having gone through the feeling of isolation and confusion associated with cancer diagnoses, she looked for a way to link up those going through a similar situation to motivate each other and provide the information that will wipe out the confusion faced by those that are newly diagnosed.

IHadCancer.com is providing a social support to cancer victims

The website is a conglomeration of survivors, fighters, and supporters. It gives its members the power to filter their search by location, diagnosis, and age. This has made it easier for cancer victims to find close by victims who they can interact with or people of similar ages whose stories would better motivate them.

Sharing stories helps to ease the burden

Relief from anger or depression comes when people are given an avenue to pour out their heart. This is probably why IHadCancer.com has a built-in blog section where members can share their stories. A new section was added to the website. ‘Dear Cancer’, which allows victims to write a letter to cancer.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma diagnosis comes with a psychological trauma that can equal the physical pain.
  • Support team should provide the victim with useful information.
  • There is a growing need to support cancer patients.
  • Religious practices tend to rekindle hope among victims.
  • The family is usually the first support group for cancer victims.
  • Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the current available treatment options.
  • Current treatment options for mesothelioma have a great deal of side effects.
  • Support helps cancer patients cope with the tedious treatment.
  • Social media is pooling cancer patients so that they can motivate each other.
  • Having survived breast cancer, Mailet Lopez was motivated to create IHadCancer.com.

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