Arranging the Kitchen to Favor a Person with Mesothelioma

Arranging the Kitchen to Favor a Person with Mesothelioma
Arranging the Kitchen to Favor a Person with Mesothelioma
December 12, 2016

Mesothelioma has a way of changing your life in ways you could only imagine. The treatment (mostly chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery) will often make things worse for you and sometimes you may be forced to wonder if they are making you better or killing you. In many cases, the pace of your life and independence will be greatly altered since you may need people to attend to your needs.

Loss of independence is one of the things that everyone dreads

Imagine having an eye snooping on you in the very place you thought you would be free to do whatever you wanted! This is a very difficult situation that no one will want to find themselves. To reduce the likelihood of losing your independence, it is of utmost importance that you reorganize your home to make it cancer friendly.

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The kitchen is probably the most important room in a home

The importance of the kitchen cannot be overestimated because that is the place where meals are prepared. We all need to eat to keep living, right? What then happens if you cannot get a proper nutrition? You will starve to death, right? And the situation is even more bizarre for mesothelioma patients who are already struggling with their appetite.

Meals have to be prepared in certain way to appeal to mesothelioma patients

When the loss of appetite sets in for mesothelioma patients, they may require that their meals be prepared in a different way from what it used to be. In many of the cases, the food would have to be nutritive and rich in vital vitamins and minerals that would help their immune function in fighting other opportunistic infections.

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Standing in the kitchen can wear mesothelioma patients out

Fatigue is a common side effect that comes with mesothelioma treatment. As a result of this, standing for long minutes in the kitchen can become very difficult and challenging. The best way out of this is to reorganize your kitchen in such a way that there would be space for a cushion to fit in and still allow for a loved one to move around when you are being aided.

Kitchen essentials should be moved to areas they can be easily reached

Kitchen utensils that are used frequently can be kept in areas where they can be reached easily – it would be preferred if they are kept in a place where the mesothelioma patient can reach them without getting up from their chair if they are the ones cooking. This would reduce their frequency of standing and bending which will prevent future exhaustion.

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Difficulty in swallowing can be combated with lighter foods

The heavier the food mesothelioma patients are served when they have difficulty in swallowing, the more difficult it would be for them to gulp it down. This makes it a necessity for them to consume soft and mashed foods – like mashed potatoes or smoothies which are rich in antioxidants. The facilities for preparing such foods such as blenders need to be kept handy.

Food safety is very important for cancer patients

Those of us who have high immunity still find it difficult coping with food poisoning – and in fact, it leads to a reasonable number of deaths per annum – talk more of cancer patients whose immune system has already been compromised. Good personal hygiene such as frequent hand washing has been recommended by the American Cancer Society; frequently washing your hand before and after eating has the potential of eliminating a lot of harmful microbes.

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Article highlights

  • Terminal illnesses make people lose their privacy.
  • Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy are the treatment options available for mesothelioma.
  • The treatment options available for mesothelioma can lead to fatigue.
  • Standing in the kitchen can become difficult for mesothelioma patients because of fatigue.
  • Reorganizing the kitchen can help fight fatigue.
  • The kitchen is important because meals are prepared there.
  • Meals for mesothelioma patients have to be nutritive to help them fight infection.
  • Kitchen utensils that are used frequently can be kept in areas that are easy to reach.
  • Lighter and mashed foods will aid swallowing for cancer patients.
  • The American Cancer Society has recommended that cancer patients observe good personal hygiene.

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