Bathroom Safety Tips for Cancer Patients

Bathroom Safety Tips for Cancer Patients
Bathroom Safety Tips for Cancer Patients
October 1, 2016

Bathroom is an essential part of the home that patients who have health challenges should critically consider before moving in. People suffering from a number of diseases need extra cautions to use a bathroom. Although the ways of taking safety measures for particular health challenge are different, proper consideration about the kind of difficulties faced by the patient is necessary. Patients suffering from cancer such as mesothelioma can also experience some difficulties in using the bathtub.

Anxiety in mesothelioma patients may cause them slip

Using the bathroom requires full consciousness which is often lacking in mesothelioma victims. It has been shown that those diagnosed with mesothelioma become anxious and sometimes desperate which robs them of full mental focus. Anxiety in the bathroom will ultimately increase the likelihood of slipping.

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Weak muscles and bones of aged mesothelioma patients need extra care

Mesothelioma is usually regarded as the cancer of the old because its manifestation comes at the later part of the lives of those who have had serious exposure to asbestos in their younger ages. Majority of the diagnosis are made in people above fifty years. At this age, the bones and muscles must have begun to wear out and the troubles of mesothelioma will further complicate the ease with which they can get in and out of the bathtub.

Mesothelioma causes weakness and fatigue

Research has shown that a good number of those diagnosed with mesothelioma will at one point in their life time be overwhelmed by gross body weakness and fatigue. At such point, climbing in and out of the bathtub may be not only difficult but also dangerous considering that wet floor should be slippery – even for those with strong feet.

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Bathrooms recorded as an alarming number of non-fatal injuries in 2008

The Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) released a study it carried out in 2008 on non-fatal bathroom injuries. The study showed that there were over two hundred and thirty thousand cases of bathroom injuries involving people mostly from fifteen years and older. According to the report, about eighty percent of those injuries were sustained by fall. Any of such additional injury for a mesothelioma victim will compound their problem and trauma.

Bathroom can be used to provide relief

Irrespective of the dangers associated with bathroom, there is still nothing as nerve calming and relaxing as a warm shower on a chilly day. Taking a dive into a bubble filled bathtub can provide a break from the pool of troubles a debilitating illness can bring. Rather than abandoning the bathroom altogether, a few drastic alterations in the configuration of your bathroom can prove the needed respite.

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Bathroom modification will help to prevent injuries

As a mesothelioma victim, even the smallest modification like installing grab bars and seat in the shower can be of tremendous help in reducing the likelihood of a fall and injuries. A number of organizations including the Center for Disease Control and the Home Safety Council have suggested ways in which caregivers can make bathroom safer for use. Some of their suggestions are as follows:

  • Installing a bath bench or chair in the tub so that you can easily sit and shower.
  • Use of shower curtain made from heavy plastic.
  • Lining the hard edges of the bathtub with a sidewall cushion.
  • Keeping shampoo and soaps within reach.
  • Use of footwear that are resistant to slipping.
  • Make sure the water in the tub empties out before leaving.

The watchful eyes of a caregiver may be needed

The bathroom is a place of privacy but when absolutely necessary the privacy can be sacrificed for a caregiver to come in and supervise the bathing process to make sure that nothing goes wrong especially with very old patients.

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Article highlights

  • Bathroom is an essential part of a home.
  • Climbing in and out of a bathtub can be challenging for mesothelioma patients.
  • Mesothelioma is an asbestos linked cancer that usually affects in old age.
  • Mesothelioma has a long latency period and mostly manifest after middle age.
  • Weakness and fatigue are common among mesothelioma victims.
  • Center for Disease Control Prevention of 2008 reported alarming number of bathroom falls.
  • Mesothelioma victims will find additional injuries hard to handle.
  • A warm shower is always nerve calming and relaxing for a mesothelioma patient.
  • Mesothelioma victims are advised to install grab bars and seats in their bathtub.
  • Caregivers can supervise the bathing of mesothelioma victims for additional safety.

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