Current Progress in the Treatment of Mesothelioma

Current Progress in the Treatment of Mesothelioma
Current Progress in the Treatment of Mesothelioma
September 3, 2016

Since the discovery of mesothelioma, scientists in the medical sector have been on their toes to discover a more efficient means of tackling the trauma. From genetic profiling of tumor to immunomodulation in mesothelioma, screening new therapies and epidemiologic study, the aim has remained the same – to curb the progression of the tumor and better the living condition of the afflicted.

Mesothelioma is associated with asbestos

Epidemiologic studies were effective in establishing the association of mesothelioma with asbestos. Like every other disease or health problems, the first step taken to solve the problem they present is to identify the causative agent or etiologic factor. The discovery of asbestos as the etiologic agent for mesothelioma has been a big breakthrough in its prevention.

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Chemotherapy was among the first types of treatment for mesothelioma

When the problem of mesothelioma became a national issue, chemotherapy was one of the earliest forms of treatment that those with the problem were subjected to. Though it did not totally solve the problem in all cases, it helped to extend the life of the victims by a few months.

Asbestos stay in the lung tissues

When particles of asbestos are inhaled, they travel down to the lungs where they will be deposited in the lung tissues resulting in inflammation and collection of fluid in the region. The conglomeration of this and other activities results in the formation of tumor.

Mesothelioma tumor can be localized or widespread

When mesothelioma related tumor is formed, they can be malignant or benign. The benign one will remain localized in the point of formation while the malignant ones will quickly spread to the heart and chest cavity causing serious discomfort which may come with severe pain.

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Mesothelioma has a low survival rate

The rate of survival of mesothelioma is very low. The median survival duration has been put at 14 months though with the current advances in the treatment options, this duration can be further extended by a few more months.

The low survival rate is associated with difficulty in diagnosis

No doubt, if there was a way of diagnosing this problem earlier, it would be much easier to tackle it. However, mesothelioma has a long latency period of sometimes up to fifty years in some patients and when it is discovered, the majority of the damage would have been done. Current research should focus on improving ways of diagnosing the problem.

The type of mesothelioma depends on the area most affected

It has become sort of a custom for cancer to take up the name of the area they affect that is why you will hear things like skin cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and so on. Mesothelioma is a kind of lung cancer and the particular region they affect is often taken into notice. This has further subdivided mesothelioma into pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma.

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Mesothelioma is more among males

Most males who have acquired mesothelioma do so as a result of occupational hazard and that is why, it is easy to understand that this ailment is more among men. A research with 751 patients having mesothelioma showed that 98% of them were males with average age of 61.

Advanced treatments will soon come to the rescue of mesothelioma victims

There are current advanced treatments the researchers are currently developing to tackle this scourge, mesothelioma. When they finally become commercial, some of them will have the potential of extending the life span of the victims over a longer period.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma is a form of cancer associated with asbestos.
  • One of the earliest methods for managing the ailment was the use of chemotherapy.
  • Epidemiologic study helped to prove the association of asbestos to mesothelioma.
  • Males are more susceptible to mesothelioma and this is because of their occupation.
  • Cancers are named after the region of the body they affect.
  • The difficulty of early diagnosis is making treatment of mesothelioma difficult.
  • The median survival duration of those with advanced mesothelioma is about 14 months.
  • Advanced therapies will try to reduce the mortality rated of mesothelioma patients.
  • If methods can be developed to diagnose mesothelioma at the early stage, survival rate will be improved.
  • Mesothelioma has a long latency period.

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