Different Questions You are Expected to Ask Your Mesothelioma Oncologist

Different Questions You are Expected to Ask Your Mesothelioma Oncologist
Different Questions You are Expected to Ask Your Mesothelioma Oncologist
December 16, 2016

Mesothelioma is one of the lead forms of cancers in the United States with lots of aged people being diagnosed on a daily basis. There are lots of anxieties and uncertainties that cloud the mind of the patient but sadly after they have left the office of their oncologists, it will suddenly dawn on them that they have lots of unanswered questions.

Many mesothelioma patients leave their oncology patients with unanswered questions

There are very few cases where mesothelioma patients will meet their oncologists with questions in their heart but along the line, they will forget to ask them. There are those on the other hand who will assume their oncologists would bring up the topic or do not know how best to phrase their questions and in the end, they will leave without getting answers to them. It has been shown by various researchers that almost everyone suffering from cancer face this communication struggle.

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Communication between the surgeon and patients rarely reaches optimal

Various studies have shown that oncologists rarely address the key issues affecting the patient. Most times, it is not that they are unwilling to help them but they often lack the necessary tools to accurately detect the distress bedeviling the patient. For this reason, the communication between the oncologists and the patients end up at a suboptimal level and this will affect the ability of the physician to effectively manage the symptoms and pain.

Quality communication is tied to quality care

The problem with the training of doctors is that they get little or nothing is about communication. The only time they get to learn about communication is on the field, probably when they communicate with other professionals. Hence, physicians often struggle to achieve proficiency in communication skills all through their career. Doctors who achieve proficiency in communication will build trust with their patients and families.

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Patients can improve their communication skill with their oncologists

Patients can do little or nothing to change the communication skill of their oncologists but they can take certain steps on their part to ensure that they leave their oncologists with a heart free of questions. Some of the ways they can do this have been highlighted below;

1. Make a list

The best way to avoid forgetting any question when coming to your oncologist is to make a list of all the questions you will want to ask them. Keep this list in your palm during the interaction so that you do not forget – like when you keep it in your pocket. Make your questions as precise as possible.

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2. Make a note

There are so many things to make and the second on the list would be to make a note of all the responses of the doctor. Mesothelioma has a tendency of affecting your memory and sometimes when you leave your oncologists, you may begin to feel like they have not answered your questions when in the real sense of they have. Note down all the responses of your doctor so that you do not forget.

3. Make a longer appointment

If your list of questions is numerous and you think a short appointment may not do justice to it, it is better to book a longer appointment with your oncologist. If you are allowed, you can take a recorder to the meeting to save the time that would have been spent taking notes. On the contrary, you can also bring a friend with you to the meeting so that they will help you take the notes.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma is a major type of cancer that spread in the United States.
  • Anxiety naturally grips those who are newly diagnosed as mesothelioma patient.
  • Many mesothelioma patients forget to ask their oncologists the questions they have in mind.
  • Some patients assume that the oncologist will bring up the question they intend to ask.
  • Communications between patients and oncologists are mostly formal and inadequate.
  • The oncologists will not be able to fully help a patient if they do not understand them.
  • Doctors are rarely trained on effective communication.
  • Patients need to write down the questions they wish to ask their oncologists in order not to forget.
  • Write down the reply your oncologist provides to your questions.
  • Book longer appointments if you have a long list of questions to ask.

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