Disproving the Myth That an Attorney cannot Help You outside the Court

Disproving the Myth That an Attorney cannot Help You outside the Court
Disproving the Myth That an Attorney cannot Help You outside the Court
October 26, 2016

The majority of patients and victims will not see the use of a lawyer when going to court becomes inevitable. What they fail to understand is that lawyers have experience and skills that can be useful besides just filing a lawsuit. The truth is that the skills that make lawyers useful in the courtroom can be applied in various other ways outside the court.

Many lawyers have won cases outside the court

A glaring example is the case of a man who had been terminally ill and needed the support of Social Security support for disabilities to cope with his situation because he had no support from family members. His first application was denied but he met a lawyer who helped him appeal the case and was awarded the desired benefits for disabilities.

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Inability of clients to explain themselves clearly is usually the cause of their denial of services

The reason why patients are denied financial benefits from Social Security Administration (SSA) are often because they fail to explain themselves clearly. Likewise, if any attorney refuses to take your case and moves the file, you must know that his denial to acceptance is due to his inability to handle your case. All that a lawyer is appointed for is to help you collect the necessary documents, explain your case clearly before the court and this will lead to the approval of your application for social security support for disabilities.

A lawyer achieves success by looking at the medical records

Lawyers usually have an uncanny sense for evidence. When a person approaches his attorney, the attorney peruses through his medical records and talks to his doctors. Using his experience in handling such cases, coupled with having an understanding of the Social Security Administration rules and regulations, the lawyer is able to review the man’s appeal and convince the Social Security Administration that his client is eligible to get the benefits.

It is the duty of a lawyer to understand relevant laws

A good lawyer will always focus on understanding relevant laws and rules and how they apply to their clients. Beyond that, they also strive to know their audience because the process of emphasizing a client’s claim will depend on the audience. The way a lawyer will present a claim to a judge or jury will differ if the audience was a government official or government representative.

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Patients suffering from asbestos-related diseases should explore all financial aid options

One of the major asbestos-related diseases is mesothelioma. Patients who have had prolonged exposure to asbestos, usually come down with this form of cancer that affects the mesothelium tissue lining the lungs heart or abdomen. Such patients should consider all available financial assistance and a lawyer can help them review their eligibility for any of the available financial options.

There are a large number of financial options patients can key into

Patients suffering from terminal illnesses or various forms of disabilities, particularly patients with asbestos-related illnesses have a diverse financial aid options they can lay their hands on to assist them to manage their conditions and some of them are listed below;

1. Workers’ compensation

Those exposed to asbestos during their jobs can apply for the worker’s compensation. More information about this is provided by the state workers compensation board. The law is difficult to understand and involving an attorney is a good idea.

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2. Mesothelioma Trust Fund

Patients of mesothelioma who work in companies that deal with products that have asbestos have a trust fund created on their behalf in case the company has filed for bankruptcy.

3. Social Security Disability Benefits

This is for those who are too sick to work. The major reason why many SSA applications are denied is because they do not have enough information.

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Article highlights

  • Personal injury cases can be settled out of court.
  • Personal injury attorneys need to be experienced.
  • Good attorneys understand how personal injury laws affect different laws.
  • Social security administration denies people who do not explain themselves well.
  • Lawyers can convince social security that their clients need aid.
  • A lawyer is supposed to know his/her audience.
  • Mesothelioma is a major problem with asbestos.
  • There are lots of financial options for patients suffering from terminal illnesses.
  • Worker’s compensation is accessible to victims of an occupational hazard.
  • People who cannot work due to sickness can apply for social security.

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