Does Alternative Therapy Work for Mesothelioma?

Does Alternative Therapy Work for Mesothelioma?
Does Alternative Therapy Work for Mesothelioma?
September 13, 2016

Mesothelioma is one form of cancer that manifests in old age among people that have had chronic exposures to asbestos particles in their younger ages. The big problem with mesothelioma is the long latency period in which case the patient will not be aware that there is something terrible going on within their bodies.

Alternative therapies do not necessarily focus on the cancer

Though the main aim of every therapy given to a cancer patient is to cure the disease, alternative therapy usually focuses to remove the effect of the disease on the mind of the individual. Usually, alternative therapy is integrated into the other forms of healing. Currently such alternative therapies such as nutrition and yoga are incorporated into treatment regimen.

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A little is known so far on the effect of alternative therapy

Till date, not much has been documented on the success of alternative therapy in the cure of mesothelioma. However, there are speculations in some quarters that the incorporation of alternative therapy into the treatment regimen has been effective in increasing the number of survivors. More research needs to be carried out on majority of alternative and complementary therapies to truly ascertain their effectiveness in the cure of this malady.

The difference between complementary and alternative medicine is not known to many

People often mistake alternative and complementary medicine to mean the same thing but this is not true. The two differ slightly though they still share some interests. Complementary therapy is usually exclusive for those procedures combined with mainstream medicine. Alternative on the other hand are approaches adopted in place of mainstream medicine. However, both terms describe procedures that trace their origin outside the mainstream medicine.

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Alternative therapy for mesothelioma is not common

Because of limited information on the efficacy of non-mainstream medicine, it is rare – if not impossible – to see a mesothelioma patient using strictly alternative medicine to try to cure the ailment. The common practice is for people to combine non-mainstream medications with mainstream medications. This approach is called integrative medicine. So far, this has proven to be effective for some people.

Integrative therapies have become the order of the day

There are some complementary therapies that have been clinically proven to be effective against cancer. Their union with conventional medicines has led to springing up of various integrated oncology programs in the United States.

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Justification to the use of alternative and complementary therapies can be traced to history

Long ago, before the development of modern medicine, a number of maladies where cured using alternative and complementary therapies. In several parts of the world especially parts of Africa, such practices are still in vogue. Their current use as palliative for mesothelioma must have been borne out of historical antecedence.

An overwhelming number of people with cancer resort to complementary therapy

It is on record that over seventy percent of cancer patients have settled for complementary therapies as their only source of cure. These may present a serious problem because majority of complementary therapies have not been verified.

Alternative therapy focuses on mental healing

A good mental state of a patient suffering from any disease is very important because it not only facilitates or stimulates healing but also affects their attitude towards life. Most faith based organizations will organize prayers and other spiritual exercise which in the end will make the patient to have some sort of mental calmness and improve their attitude towards life. Ensuring mental stability is usually the prime target of alternative therapies.

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Article highlights

  • Alternative therapy differs from complementary therapy in medical terms.
  • Alternative therapy has its focus on mental stability of the patient.
  • Strict alternative therapy practice for mesothelioma is rare.
  • Complementary therapies are often combined with mainstream medicine to form integrative therapy.
  • About 70 percent of cancer patients in the US practice complementary therapy.
  • Integrated therapy is widely practiced in the United States.
  • Integrative oncology programs have been shown to increase the survival of cancer patients.
  • Most used complementary therapies have not been clinically verified.
  • The use of complementary therapy may be linked to its successful antecedent.
  • Mesothelioma has a long latency period.

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