Efforts of Support Group for Mesothelioma Center

Efforts of Support Group for Mesothelioma Center
Efforts of Support Group for Mesothelioma Center
July 11, 2016

One of the greatest challenges families and friends of those suffering from mesothelioma had in the past was getting the right information on how to care for them. This was particularly the case before the advent of the Internet. Then you would have to go through a pile of books in the library to scrape off the information you need. Now, things are a little different.

Information on mesothelioma can be acquired with the click of a button

The new age of technology and easy access to the internet have made it in such a way that any information you need on any subject is only a click away on whatever device you are using. Now, it is easy to acquire knowledge on the ailment which will further aid you to give palliative care to the victim.

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Multilingual channels are available for non-English users

Most online resources are prepared in various translations or come along with the option to translate into various languages just in case English is not your first language. This move has further increased the assimilation of such information to millions of other people across the globe that does not have good knowledge of English.

There are conflicting information on mesothelioma

The easy with which anyone can upload anything on the internet has created more problem than they solved. The internet has become like a trash can where all sorts of rubbish are deposited. Anyone who owns and internet enabled device can open a blog, post on wiki or any of the social networking sites. This has made materials online totally unreliable.

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Validate your information from trusted websites

Inasmuch as there is a lot of unreliable information on the web, there are still some domain names that does not allow for anonymous and unverified information to be put up on them. One way to know a good and trustworthy website is to read about their mission statement and about us page. A competent website will have a clear and well thought-out about page.

A cure might be tempting but will open you up to scam

Malignant cancer has been established to be without a cure and because of that, many of those who are diagnosed of mesothelioma would often jump at anything that sounds like a shot at a cure. Their very desperation opens them up to scammers who would feed on their desperation to swindle them of their hard earned money.

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Any website promising cure to all forms of cancer is fraudulent

The FDA has warned cancer patients to be weary of websites that promise cure to all forms of cancer because they are usually fraudulent. Such websites would often spike you to act fast with phrases like ‘limited offer’ or ‘limited time’.

Chemo drugs churn out many side effects

When you see any information online, always compare it to what your physician has told you. For example, chemo drugs can result in nerve damage leading to tingling sensation, unlike many other drugs.

Cancer affects everyone differently

Just like the faces of everyone is different, so does cancer and several other illnesses manifest differently on different individuals. This is largely due to the level of each person’s immune system.

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Article highlights

  • The greatest challenge with mesothelioma is to get the right information.
  • The Internet is constantly flooded with unreliable information.
  • Always compare the information you see online with what your physician said.
  • The ease of publication without any bar is ruining the integrity of the web.
  • There are channels that offer translations for non-English speakers.
  • You can validate the authenticity of a website using the “about us” page.
  • Be cautious of websites that offer cure to all forms of cancer.
  • Fraudulent websites have a way of acting on your sense of urgency.
  • The way a disease manifests on different patients usually depends on their immune system.
  • Some chemo drugs cause nerve damage.

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