Energy Therapies for the Cure of Mesothelioma

Energy Therapies for the Cure of Mesothelioma
Energy Therapies for the Cure of Mesothelioma
September 28, 2016

Energy therapy is not a new practice and the use is based on the belief that diseases or illness result from energy imbalance in the body. Energy therapy employs several energy techniques such as use of light energy or sound energy to treat various diseases and eliminate their symptoms.

Energy therapies are classified under alternative therapies

Alternative therapies cover all those other forms of treatment that does not follow the conventional medical practices. Energy therapy focuses on restoring balance, peace and health of the patient. The most popular of all the energy therapies are the therapeutic touch, Reiki and music therapy.

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Energy therapy refers to the existence of an energy field in nature

NCCAM (the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) introduced this therapy by separating two kinds of energy from its original source. They did this using two classification methods which are measurable and scientifically proven energy and the non-proven energy (putative energy).

Energy therapies cannot replace traditional treatment

So far, it has shown that energy therapy cannot be used in isolation because it cannot provide direct cure to the patient. It is mostly used as a complementary therapy side by side with the traditional treatment. The role of energy therapy is to help the patient relax and in general improve the quality of their life especially among mesothelioma patients.

Doctors employ veritable energy in diagnosis and cure of cancer

Veritable energies such as vibration, monochromatic radiations and lights have been employed in the treatment of cancer. When this high energy is channeled on the tumor cells, they usually cause them to shrink or die. A good example is the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and laser for surgery and radiotherapy. In this group, sound energy is the least researched.

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Putative therapies believe people possess some form of energy within them

Reiki and therapeutic touch are the widely used putative therapies and their use reflects the belief in the possession of subtle energy by people which cannot be quantified by modern science. In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is called ‘qi’ while in Ayurveda it is called ‘prana’.

Music therapy is used by professionals to initiate relaxation

Many of the alternative therapy aim to improve the quality of life of the cancer patient, and this is what sound therapy also aims to achieve. The reduction of psychological stress will improve the well-being of the patient and sometimes, will lead to reduction of the bite of the symptoms of mesothelioma.

Music therapy has been shown to have other benefits on the patients

Besides initiating relaxation in the patient, music therapy (as tailored by professionals) have been shown to prevent other terminal illnesses from developing in mesothelioma patients. Illnesses or health conditions such as heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression and other breathing problems can be prevented by music therapy.

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Touch therapy is used to send energy into the body

It is believed by practitioners who use touch therapy that massaging or touching the body in some ways will send energy into the body or cause a balance in the body’s energy. However, some people have argued that the benefit is psychological or biological in terms of enhancing blood flow round the body.

Chakra balancing tends to cleanse the body and balance the life-force energy

Alternative energy healers would usually employ chakra balancing to balance out your life-force energy and there are several ways this can be done. Chakra originated from India and some chakras involve the use of stones, crystals and essential oils or meditations to restore balance.

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Article highlights

  • The two main forms of energies employed in energy therapy are light and sound.
  • Some energy is scientifically verifiable while others are not.
  • Energy therapy is under alternative therapies.
  • Energy therapy focuses on restoring the energy balance of the body.
  • Cancer treatment is not always done with energy therapy alone.
  • Energy therapy is mostly used to induce relaxation.
  • Sound therapy can be used to prevent other illnesses besides cancer.
  • Energy therapy can make cancer symptoms less severe.
  • Touch therapy is used to send energy into the body.
  • Chakra originated from India.

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