Exercise can Improve the Quality of Life of Mesothelioma Patients

Exercise can Improve the Quality of Life of Mesothelioma Patients
Exercise can Improve the Quality of Life of Mesothelioma Patients
October 6, 2016

The health benefits of rigorous physical exercise cannot be over emphasized. Exercise is currently recommended by health professionals for improved wellbeing of patients and for healthy individuals to prevent diseases. In the past, many health care professionals were oblivious on how exercise can improve the quality of life of cancer victims by labeling them as ‘too hard’.

Exercising can delay the manifestation of mesothelioma

It is a common knowledge that chronic and constant exposure to asbestos particles which have been rendered airborne by the rupture or damage of their parent material. When inhaled, these particles migrate to the lungs where they disrupt the normal cell division of the cells of the mesothelium. It has been recorded that the onset of this cancer is delayed in patients who are actively involved in aerobic exercise when compared to patients who have less than five hours of physical exercise a week.

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Patients diagnosed of cancer are becoming happier because of exercise

Doctors are seeing better functions and higher quality life among cancer survivors who are actively exercising. Kathryn Schmitz, the lead author of the cancer recommendations highlighted the better functions and quality of life of cancer survivors. The success recorded among exercising patients have spurred other victims to give it a try. It is, however, recommended that you check with your doctor first before beginning an exercise routine.

American College of Sports Medicine has a guideline of exercise for cancer patients

The American College of Sports Medicine has recommended that patients going through cancer treatment should have 20 – 30 minutes of aerobic physical activity every day. The number of articles dictating that steady-state cardiovascular exercises tend to increase muscle mass is on the rise. A guideline of the appropriate exercises on particular cancer patients on the particular stage has been published with details of the exercises.

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Exercise for cancer patients should be encompassing

The temptation will be high for cancer patients to focus only on the exercise that they love doing. This is not totally wrong but the effectiveness of an exercise regimen will depend largely on the diversity of the exercise carried out. Mesothelioma patients and survivors should not neglect the various other forms of training which can be highly beneficial to improving their cancer situation.

Resistance training caused a drop in fatigue

Mesothelioma victims are often overwhelmed by fatigue. A report in 2013 which was published by the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology showed that the amount of fatigue among cancer victims dropped during the time of the study as a result of the resistant training protocol. Strength training has also led to positive impact on functionality.

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No single exercise is the ultimate

The basic function of exercise is to improve the rate at which blood is pumped round the body. Aerobic exercise helps the body to remove waste products that clog the blood vessels. There is no single exercise that will provide the body with all the benefits and this is why, exercises are used in combination.

Give yourself break from exercise

When planning your exercise regimen, there are prescribed days when your exercise will be heavy and days when your exercise will be light. Also, map out days when you will do absolutely nothing to give yourself time to recover. Different days should also have different exercises.

Be meticulous with your exercise plan

Doctors have recommended that healthy individuals, cancer survivors and those battling with the ailment should have a treatment plan. The fitness plan should have an underlying purpose which the person aims to achieve. The purpose should always be kept at the back of the mind as a motivation to help the individual stick with the plan.

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Article highlights

  • Exercise has numerous health benefits.
  • Cancer patients were restrained from exercising in the past.
  • Exercise improves flow of blood and enhances waste removal from the system.
  • A good exercise regimen will help cancer patients fight fatigue.
  • Mesothelioma results from constant inhalation of asbestos particles.
  • There is an exercise guide from American College of Sports Medicine.
  • American College of Sports Medicine recommends twenty to thirty minutes of aerobic exercise daily.
  • No single exercise should be emphasized.
  • Every exercise regimen should have a purpose it aims to achieve.
  • Some days should be no exercise days.

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