Herbal Medicine for the Cure of Mesothelioma

Herbal Medicine for the Cure of Mesothelioma
Herbal Medicine for the Cure of Mesothelioma
September 28, 2016

Alternative medicine is one of the most explored treatment options for the cure of mesothelioma. There is currently no cure for mesothelioma and the available remedies especially those of the mainstream medicine usually leave the patient with lots of undesired side effects. Many mesothelioma patients have pitched their tent with herbal remedies to alleviate the side effects of the mainstream treatment.

The use of herbs to cure diseases started a long time ago

Long before modern medicine arrived, people have been falling sick and the only means of treating them has been through the use of herbs. Then, they created remedies for most diseases by combining leaves or seeds or roots and sometimes bark of trees which they cook together and the patient is expected to drink the liquid extract.

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The invention of laboratory drugs led to the death of use of herbs

It is sad that the growth of laboratory tested drugs led to the death of herbal therapies. Over the years, people have lost trust in the use of herbs to cure illness. However, Eastern medicines still incorporates herbs in the treatment of cancer. However, the practice became accepted in the West only recently. Country like China started the practice over hundred years ago.

Research has shown that herbs show some promise in the treatment of cancer

Some studies have been carried out to show the effect of herbs in the treatment of cancer. One of such clinical trials has showed that some selected herbs can limit the growth of tumor and metastasis. Other milestones that herbal therapies were shown to achieve were reducing the side effect of chemotherapy, boost the patient’s immune system, support overall wellness and reduce the symptoms of cancer.

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Herbal remedies have gone through some metamorphosis

Like mentioned earlier, herbal remedies in the past was majorly in the form of fluid that would be drunk by the patient, however, herbal manufacturing companies process herbal medicines into capsules or tablets, tinctures or teas and creams now. The new form of presentation is making it more acceptable among the general population.

Many drugs used for mesothelioma treatment are semi-synthetic

Synthetic drugs are those that are formulated totally in the labs but semi-synthetic drugs have herbs and other organic components as their content. Some mesothelioma drugs are semi-synthetic like taxol (derived from yew tree bark). Manufacturers usually add a lot of stabilizing chemicals and fillers though some herbalist believes these additions will reduce the strength of the drug.

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FDA categorizes most herbs as GRAS (generally recognized as safe)

Herbs that as designated as GRAS by FDA means their use have not been shown to cause any harm to the patient. This does not mean that patients should abuse these herbs. Since herbs are also drugs, their use should be under the supervision of herbalists, naturopath and other medical professional with the pre-requisite license.

Marijuana has been clinically proven to be of great benefit to cancer patients

Though it is an offense to sell and use marijuana (Cannabis sativa) under the federal law for many countries, it has been approved in twenty States of the US as recreational material and in two States for medical purposes particularly treatment of pain associated with cancer.

Clinical trials of marijuana has identified a number of benefits it has

Mesothelioma patients are often confronted by intense pain and several other symptoms arising from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The use of marijuana for those patients has been shown to reduce pain, nausea, anxiety and cause improvement in appetite and sleep.

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Article highlights

  • Herbal remedies have been positive in reduction of chemotherapy side effects.
  • Symptoms of mesothelioma can be reduced by herbal therapies.
  • Use of herbs for treatment of diseases started a long time ago.
  • In China, herbs are incorporated into drugs.
  • The change in the packaging of herbal medicines has increased its acceptance.
  • Use of marijuana as a recreational drug is banned in many countries.
  • Herbs can reduce growth of cancer tumor.
  • The FDA classifies most herbs under GRAS.
  • Use of herbs should be under the supervision of a licensed professional.
  • Marijuana is particularly used to reduce the pains of cancer patients.

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