Hospice Care; When to Choose an Alternative Care Program

Hospice Care; When to Choose an Alternative Care Program
Hospice Care; When to Choose an Alternative Care Program
December 10, 2016

The progression of mesothelioma will differ from one patient to the other likewise the way they battle with life-threatening conditions. It can be mild for some and harsh for others. Whatever the case may be, to manage pain, improve the quality of life, reduce the burden of caregiving – choosing a hospice care program is never one that is taken in a haste without having to sit back for few minutes of deliberation.

The health of mesothelioma patients declines in stages

As it is already well known, mesothelioma is a form of cancer that has been linked to chronic inhalation of asbestos particles. During the early stages, there may be no clear signs or symptoms to show any disease. This is followed by a stage that resembles respiratory tract infection and would present symptoms of common cold. The later stages will present pains which will escalate if the patient is untreated.

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Hospice care is a form of palliative care

Palliate care is usually aimed at the total wellbeing of the individual including eliminating all signs of disease and symptoms. Hospice care, on the other hand, is a more specific kind of care involving those who have less than six months to live. Those that qualify for a hospice care would work with a team of specialist to develop their hospice need.

Mesothelioma affects different part of the body in different ways

Those who have been severely exposed to mesothelioma will look OK till twenty to fifty years after their exposure. The onset of illness may be gradual or drastic but once the process has been initiated, different parts of the body will be affected in different ways.

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1. Mental retardation

It is possible for mesothelioma patients to go into a state of forgetfulness which can be induced by the extreme pain that comes with the illness. They can also lose their sense of rational thinking in favor of any procedure which can guarantee them a fast remedy to their problem – even procedures that they would object to in their natural senses.

2. Physical retardation

Those who are physically active may discover that they can no longer get around the way they usually do. A number of mesothelioma patients would develop wobbly feet which would increase the risk of their fall. This has necessitated the great modifications of the bathrooms of mesothelioma victims because of the added slipperiness associated with it.

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Taking care of mesothelioma patients who are gravely ill can be a great burden

Keeping a mesothelioma victim at home may cause the family members a bit of stress. Those that are not usually around due to their jobs may need to hire a caregiver – and that comes with serious financial implications. There is also the possibility that they may not be properly catered for at home and keeping them safe may also be a little difficult. The best option is usually to move them to a care or nursing facility.

It is normal for mesothelioma patients to despise hospice houses

There is always a form of resentment that comes with changing environment. When the patient is brought into a hospice home, the first thing they would do is to develop a plan that is peculiar to the patient. Perfecting this plan may sometimes lead to elevated pain and discomfort on the part of the patient.

Leaving a family member in hospice house can be traumatic

To the patient, it may feel like they are being abandoned by their family members. This can be enough to set in a form of depression. The family members may be worried about the level of care their loved one would receive.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma affects different people differently.
  • Asbestos inhalation is the primary cause of mesothelioma.
  • The decline of patient’s health comes in stages.
  • Hospice care is reserved for patients with short duration to live.
  • Mesothelioma progression can be gradual and drastic.
  • Cancer can lead to memory loss.
  • Those who have mesothelioma usually have difficulty in balancing.
  • It is always difficult to properly care for mesothelioma patients.
  • The hospice team will create a plan that is peculiar with the patient.
  • Taking a patient to a hospice home may feel like abandoning them.

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