How Mesothelioma Caregivers can Effectively Manage Crisis of Emotions

How Mesothelioma Caregivers can Effectively Manage Crisis of Emotions
How Mesothelioma Caregivers can Effectively Manage Crisis of Emotions
October 28, 2016

The weather is not always friendly throughout the year across the United States. There are times when as much as eighteen inches of snow would fall and cripple every activity to the point that there would be power cut for days. People suffering various forms of terminal illnesses like asthma and mesothelioma become concerned and it grows with time. If an emergency arises, in such a terrible condition, how does a caregiver handle it?

Mesothelioma caregivers should have a crisis action plan

The first step to solving any problem is reacting to it with the right attitude. As a caregiver, you have to instill confidence in the patient by controlling your own emotion first. If it takes writing it down to keep you consciously aware, do not hesitate to do it, but you should have an action plan set aside for crisis situation as this will help you not to panic when it arises.

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A caregiver is looked upon to define the reaction to a situation

Take a look at a scenario where a doctor walks into a theater and looking at a man bleeding through the skull screams and then burst into tears. Now, compare this incident with another doctor who looks at a similar condition and smiles saying ‘Come on, let us fix you up’. The patient in the first situation would definitely lose every inch of hope left in him or her while the second patient would be filled with reassurance. That is how powerfully the reaction of a caregiver can impact their patient. You can either ignite a panic or douse one.

A wood heating system can be a life saver in crisis situation

Going back to the old ways of doing things can be the key to evading a crisis situation. A caregiver needs to be resourceful and most importantly, should be able to use the things at their disposal to provide solace to their patients. For example, during such power cuts as a result of heavy snowfall, reverting to the wood heating system can be an effective way to fight off the bite of cold.

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The to-do list of a mesothelioma caregiver should be rich

There are so many things a mesothelioma caregiver should have handy to be able to respond with the right attitude in a crisis situation. Some of them are medications, respiratory aids and doctor’s contacts. A deep crisis situation may only require a massage to get the patient some relief. This is why a caregiver should have a good knowledge of the condition of their patients.

Emotional management techniques can be learned

A good number of professors in sociology and various other disciplines in various universities have studied emotional management extensively. The works of these academics provide a good resource material that caregivers can use to improve their emotional stability in crisis situations. Some of these works come with a practical guide that will facilitate your learning program.

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Caregivers can handle emotional trauma in two ways

The first way a caregiver can douse an emotional panic is to divert the attention of the patient from their fears into a more positive situation. For example, a mother whose kids were afraid of the weather can feign to be happy that they have days off school. The second way is for the caregiver to understand their fears and try to suppress it.

Body movement and expressions of a caregiver can make the difference

In a crisis situation, it is normal for our heartbeat to grow faster. A caregiver who makes effort to slow their breathing and heart rate will have a calming effect on their patients, likewise keeping a positive expression e.g. smiling.

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Article highlights

  • The weather can be a cause of concern for those with terminal illnesses.
  • A caregiver should have a plan for crisis situations.
  • A caregiver can control how their patients react to a situation.
  • Having a fireplace that makes use of wood can be of help when there is a power cut.
  • Caregivers should learn to hide their fears.
  • The lower heartbeat of a caregiver is a solace to a patient.
  • Diverting the attention of the patient is one way of handling crisis.
  • There are resources available for caregivers on crisis management.
  • Caregivers should keep medications handy.
  • The mobile number of doctors should be at the disposal of caregivers.

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