How Spirituality and Religion can Help People Cope with Mesothelioma

How Spirituality and Religion can Help People Cope with Mesothelioma
How Spirituality and Religion can Help People Cope with Mesothelioma
July 15, 2016

It was Karl Max who said that religion is the opium of the masses. This is a queer comparative but looking at it objectively, religion and spirituality have a sort of nerve calming effect that opium has on their victims. This nerve calmness provides a sort of calmness that helps the victims cope with the pain.

Religion is the belief in a supernatural being

Every religion believes that there is a being out there who is more powerful than they are and whom they look up to solve many of their problems. Different religions have different beliefs and definition of their supreme being leading to controversy and sometimes religious rifts. While religion deals with a group of people, spirituality on the other is specific to individuals and one can be spiritual without being affiliated to any religion.

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Most of the religions believe in afterlife

Almost all the religions of the world believe that the present life is a transient one and that when you die, you begin a life in another kind of realm which has no end. Christians believe that the good will be sent to heaven while the bad will be sent to hell. The idea that this life is merely transient and that there is a life after the current one which will bring so much relief to mesothelioma patients.

Mesothelioma patients would look up to their religious society for support

Stricken down by mesothelioma, many of the victims usually draw strength and hope from the prayers rendered by their religious groups. These prayers may keep them hoping for a miracle which is common among many religions. Praying rosaries by Catholics, for example, may bring some sort of comfort while to a Buddhist, meditation will bring enlightenment and pain relief.

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Spiritual distress comes easily to mesothelioma victims

Many Christians and some other religions believe that sickness is a result of the person offending their maker in one way or the other – the punishment for their sin. This will lead to a feeling of being abandoned by their maker and religious community. Mesothelioma associated spiritual distress has been found through studies to be associated with poor devotion to medication and medical advice and depression.

Mesothelioma has no definitive cure

All the currently available interventions for mesothelioma treatment are geared towards reducing pain, prolonging life by few months and increasing general wellbeing. Those brought down by the element are already certain that their death will not be far off. The hope of a new and better life will give them a reason not to be depressed.

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Religion can improve quality of life through behavioral change

When people become married to religion especially, they are told to refrain from drug and alcohol abuse. Excessive intake of alcohol, for example, exacerbates mesothelioma case. When religious people sense their death drawing near, they are usually overtly obedient as they try to seek the face of their maker. Such obedience will help them keep away from substances that naturally escalate their situation, reduce their anger and ensure that they enjoy their treatment regimen.

Physical wellbeing is linked to psychological wellbeing

If a person is sick in their head, it will definitely affect the health of their body and since religion and spirituality tackles the sickness in the reasoning, the bodily management becomes a lot easier.

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Article highlights

  • Spirituality is a personal relationship with a supernatural being.
  • Religion is a group’s view of a supernatural being.
  • Virtually all religion believes that there is a life beyond the current one.
  • Karl Max defined religion as the opium of the mind.
  • Difference in the belief of supernatural being is often the cause of religious rift.
  • Different religious rituals bring relief to mesothelioma patients.
  • Religious societies can provide comfort to mesothelioma victims.
  • Some religious people associate disease with sin.
  • There is no known total cure for mesothelioma presently.
  • Religion can make people change their way of life, taking up more healthy attitudes.

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