How to Get Advanced Mesothelioma Treatment and Care

How to Get Advanced Mesothelioma Treatment and Care
How to Get Advanced Mesothelioma Treatment and Care
July 15, 2016

Mesothelioma is undoubtedly the most difficult form of cancer to treat and is associated with those who have had exposure to asbestos. However, many of those afflicted with the disease are living longer as a result of great improvements in the treatment options offered by cutting edge technologies that has aided advanced scientific discoveries.

Certain conditions must be met for mesothelioma surgery

Before a doctor will settle for surgery to remove mesothelioma, it must have been established that the patient is strong enough to go under the knife and also withstand any complication that may arise thereafter.

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Pleurectomy will delicately remove tumor

Pleurectomy is a delicate procedure and the purpose for this surgery is to remove mesothelioma associated tumor from the lungs, chest cavity and stomach walls. It is a delicate procedure because none of the organs are expected to be damaged in the process. For a total or near-total removal of the tumor, Extrapleural Pneumonectomy (EPP) is carried out because it allows other treatments to be given along with the surgical process.

Advanced care comes in when surgery is not possible

Two of the advanced cares that are crucial to the survival of a mesothelioma patient when they are too frail to undergo surgery are radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can come before or after surgery while radiotherapy or radiation therapy employs beams to kill cancerous cells. Both techniques are very efficient in killing the tumor cells.

Alternative therapies help to alleviate the patient’s pain

When repeated chemotherapy is done, there are chances that the cancerous cells will grow resistant. Such advanced cases of mesothelioma can be dealt with using alternative therapy. Alternative therapy like massage and meditation will help to ease the pain of the patient.

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Mesothelioma treatment has to be personalized

Personalized treatment is paramount because cancer manifests differently among individuals depending on varying factors like age, behavioral practices, nutrition and immunity. A personalized care will put all these into consideration and in so doing, a better treatment and success can be guaranteed.

More advanced treatments are in the pipeline

Technology is always evolving and so is healthcare which is one of the biggest consumers of technology improving with it. Some of the new advanced treatment scientists are working on includes gene therapy, viriotherapy and anti-angiogenesis.

Gene therapy aims to knock out a few genes in cancerous cells

When the gene responsible for cell division is knocked out of the rapidly dividing cancerous cells, what will follow is that the cells lose their ability to divide. They can then be shrunk or removed using other available means.

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Viriotherapy calls friendly virus into action

Some viruses have been genetically modified so that they can only infect cancerous cells. Such viruses are injected into mesothelioma patients and they attack and destroy the tumor cells. Anti-angiogenesis on the other hand will halt the production of new blood vessels that will aid the attachment and multiplication of tumor cells.

Some hospitals are already offering such advanced care

There are a few hospitals around the globe that are already offering such advanced treatments for mesothelioma and you can research on them and book appointment with them if your other treatment options are failing.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma is a difficult form of cancer to deal with.
  • Before surgery can be done, the patient has to be strong enough to withstand complications.
  • Advanced treatments are improving the quality and length of lives of victims.
  • Pleurectomy is the removal of tumor from stomach, chest and lungs.
  • Other forms of treatment can be done alongside surgery.
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are two readily available advanced treatments.
  • Mesothelioma tumor can become resistant to chemotherapy.
  • It is paramount that a mesothelioma treatment be patient specific.
  • There are a few hospitals that have begun administering other advanced treatments.
  • Viriotherapy, gene therapy and anti-angiogenesis are still under development.

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