Hypnosis can be Beneficial to Mesothelioma Patients

Hypnosis can be Beneficial to Mesothelioma Patients
Hypnosis can be Beneficial to Mesothelioma Patients
October 29, 2016

Hypnotism is one word that used to provoke fear in many people, probably because they think another person is taking over their mind. Far from it, hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to a mesothelioma patient because of the nerve calming effect it has. In fact, some doctors/psychologists will recommend hypnotherapy as a way of building your mental stability.

Hypnotherapy can help you redefine success

When it comes to mesothelioma, what a patient defines as success will definitely affect the way they cope with their situation. A patient who perceives no improvement in their condition after repeated chemotherapy or radiation therapy would soon begin to feel hopeless about their condition which will affect the quality of their life ultimately. Hypnotherapy can help them to have a different view about their condition.

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The main target of hypnotherapy is to instill calmness in patients

A patient going for medical surgery is bound to be tensed, which doctors usually try to resolve by talking to the patient before the commencement of the surgery. Mesothelioma also comes with a significant amount of pain. When the body is calm, pain is less likely felt and the body is better positioned to receive treatment and heal faster.

Hypnotherapy can help a patient grow spiritually

One effective way of fighting the scourge of mesothelioma is to employ religious teachings. Many of the religions put the current life as transitory and portray the life to come as better. Psychologically, bringing a spiritual dimension to mesothelioma patients has been an effective way of calming them and restoring their hope. Hypnotherapy will further grow that spiritual belief.

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Hypnotism maintains selective thinking

The work of hypnotists has been made harder by the way the process is portrayed in movies which many people believe to be true. Hypnotists are saddled with the burden of debunking such beliefs which are also the reason why many people are scared of going through the process. There are times you do things without remembering you did them, times when the conscious and subconscious work in synergism, that is where hypnotism aims to get the patient.

Several hypnotherapy myths have been busted

The first myth is that people make you do what you normally would not. The truth is that you still have your ego and will oppose anything you feel is not morally right. There is also the myth that you can get stuck in hypnosis and the truth is that you can never get stuck. There is also the feeling that truth must be said during hypnosis but the truth is that since the ego is still present, people can still lie in the process.

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Hypnosis is working with the subconscious

Memories and beliefs that a person has preserved throughout his life are stored in the subconscious and will affect the person’s actions and behavior in the long run – and this is beside their spiritual belief. For example, if you believe that ghosts are in the graveyard from a tender age, even when at 50, you may still be scared to visit the graveyard the same will happen if you believe from a tender age that you are up to no good.

Hypnosis session lasts between sixty and ninety minutes

An interview will be conducted and some documents should be filled before a hypnosis session begins – this happens during the series of appointments. The aim of the interview is for the hypnotist to ascertain your goal. You will be invited to a comfortable position during the first session and made to direct your focus at relaxation. You will be guided to a point by the hypnotist where you will hear surrounding sounds but won’t care about them.

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Article highlights

  • Mesothelioma patients can benefit from hypnotism.
  • Hypnotherapy helps to deal with the patient’s pain.
  • A patient’s definition of success will determine how they cope with mesothelioma.
  • Hypnotherapy aims at instilling numbness in patients.
  • Treatment becomes easier when the patient is calm.
  • Hypnotherapy lasts about half hour to an hour.
  • The subconscious condition of the patient’s mind is manipulated in hypnotherapy.
  • Hypnotherapy will not make you do what you do not want to do.
  • People can still lie during hypnotherapy.
  • Hypnotism is often portrayed wrongly or inappropriately in movies.

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