Mesothelioma Mind-Body Palliative Therapy

Mesothelioma Mind-Body Palliative Therapy
Mesothelioma Mind-Body Palliative Therapy
September 23, 2016

When a patient is diagnosed of cancer, breaking the news to him or her can set in a psychological or emotional distress or both. This happens to most of the cancer patients. Main stream medicine will focus on reducing the spread of the cancer and limiting the tumor. The psychological healing is usually achieved through complementary therapy.

There are three main mind-body therapies for cancer psychological healing

There has been ongoing research on the different mind-body therapies in recent times. The aim of the research has been to find out if the so-called mind-body therapies had any positive impact on the cancer patients. The findings confirmed the therapy safe and of great benefit to those who practice it. The three widely known mind-body therapies are Yoga, qingong and tai chi.

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Mind body therapies can improve symptoms of mesothelioma

Constant and prolonged inhalation of asbestos particles has been proven to be the root cause of mesothelioma. The onset of mesothelioma usually presents symptoms that can be improved using the mind-body therapy. Mind-body therapy improves breathing, fatigue, sleep,pain, anxiety and depression which will help the patient live a more fulfilled life.

Yoga originated from India over five thousand years ago

The main focus of yoga is breathing and meditation which is meant to improve self-awareness. There are numerous yoga poses that tend to either strengthen the body or improve flexibility so that meditation can be carried on for longer period. The emphasis of yoga is to unite body movement with mental focus and intentional breathing. This will eliminate to a large extent the breathing problems mesothelioma patients encounter.

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Regular yoga practice is known to have a variety of outcome

What can be achieved with the constant practice of yoga includes reduction in asthma symptoms, improve sleep quality, ease dyspnea, treat anxiety and depression, reduce stress, and generally improve the quality of life.

Not all yoga poses is recommended for cancer patients

There are some yoga poses that can only be pulled off by a healthy individual. Such poses are not recommended for cancer patients because they may do more harm than good. Only the gentle forms have been considered safe for cancer patients.

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Restorative yoga uses props to support a person in a relaxing pose

There is a misconception that you need to have a certain level of fitness to be able to practice yoga. This is not true. Props such as pillow, chair, straps, blankets, blocks and so on can be used to modify a yoga pose so that it can be easily pulled off by a cancer patient. This is usually the form taught in classes that have been structured for cancer patients. Cancer survivors are obliged to try the more athletic forms of yoga such as Bikram, Power yoga and Yogafit.

Lung cancer makes breathing difficult

Breathing is one of the involuntary actions that do not need interruption. When breathing becomes voluntary, that is, you find yourself struggling to breath then you know there is a huge problem somewhere. Insufficient breathing can lead to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body and shortage of oxygen which can spell doom for the individual. Yoga has been shown to increase the amount of exhaled air in a research conducted by Wayne State University, Michigan.

Yoga breathing technique has helped people cope with the side effects of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is one of the foremost cures for cancer and its used has continued up to today. Chemotherapy presents a lot of side effects which can be reduced through the breathing techniques of yoga.

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Article highlights

  • Yoga helps to improve the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Inhalation of asbestos particle is the cause of mesothelioma.
  • Cancer diagnosis can set off psychological trauma in patients.
  • Anyone can practice yoga.
  • There are three mind-body therapies used to improve psychological trauma in cancer patients.
  • Yoga began in India over five thousand years ago.
  • Lung cancer can make breathing difficult and this can lead to more complex problems.
  • Regular practice of yoga can improve the life of the victim.
  • Yoga focuses on breathing and meditation.
  • Stressful forms of yoga are not recommended for cancer patients.

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