Mesothelioma Settlements and Legal Victories

Mesothelioma Settlements and Legal Victories
Mesothelioma Settlements and Legal Victories
July 10, 2016

Most of the victims of mesothelioma have been linked to occupational hazard. In other words, the victims must have worked in industries where asbestos or their sub products are being produced. Most often, they ignorantly fail to protect themselves properly from these harmful dusts. When they finally come down with this disease, they tend to sue their companies as the cause of their woes and actually, they find no other alternatives than filing a lawsuit.

Many cases of mesothelioma can legally be resolved

Many of those who developed mesothelioma at varying ages have had their case heard in the court and resolutions reached. There was a case of a man who was exposed to asbestos while serving in the Navy and at the age of 67, he was attacked with mesothelioma. His case was legally resolved and after paying the entitlements of his attorney, he had $2.7 million to take home. Another man, aged 81, who worked in a paper mill, got 2.2 million dollars at the resolution of his case.

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Asbestos workers are more susceptible to mesothelioma

Asbestos has been acclaimed the main cause of mesothelioma and a high percentage of asbestos workers get affected by mesothelioma at the later part of their life. A good number of those who served in the navy, at one capacity or the other become grounded with the disease at the later part of their life.

Working in some factory predisposes one to mesothelioma

There are certain occupations that predispose those to mesothelioma that work under them and one of them is working in a company that manufactures asbestos or incorporates it into the manufacture of other products. Other occupation that poses a great hazard includes; navy, Construction Company, paint manufacturing companies, paper mills and so on.

An attorney will help you get compensation

The best thing to do when you are diagnosed with mesothelioma (and you are certain it was an occupational hazard) is to hire a lawyer. The work of the lawyer would be to help you secure some compensation that would help you manage the disease for as long as possible. It will be their duty to negotiate for a compensation that would aid you for a long time.

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Hiring an attorney is cost effective

It is a legal practice that the attorney would not collect money from you till the case has been brought to an end in your favor. It is at this point that they would take a certain percentage of the total money realized. Therefore, finance should never be your fear in giving the choice of an attorney a thought; other factors should rather preoccupy your mind.

Insist on an attorney that has a vast knowledge on mesothelioma settlement

The varying amount victims with mesothelioma get as compensation largely depends on the bargaining power of their lawyer. While some victims get as much as 2.7 million dollars as compensation, others will get a little above one million dollars. It is not enough to just hire any lawyer, getting a lawyer that is a professional in mesothelioma settle will greatly affect the amount of compensation one is bound to get.

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Article highlights

  • It has been established that the primary cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.
  • Many companies do little to protect their staff from asbestos dust.
  • There are mesothelioma cases that have been settled in court.
  • Victims receive as much as two million dollars as compensation.
  • Those in the Navy and asbestos manufacturing company are prone to mesothelioma.
  • It is the duty of a lawyer to decide the amount that should be paid as compensation.
  • A good attorney will get you a good bargain.
  • The wise thing to do when you are diagnosed of mesothelioma affected is to hire an attorney.
  • Attorneys will only collect their dues when the case has been settled and compensation paid.
  • The amount of compensation among victims varies depending on their lawyer.

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