Mesothelioma Treatment with Proper Diet and Nutrition

Mesothelioma Treatment with Proper Diet and Nutrition
Mesothelioma Treatment with Proper Diet and Nutrition
May 14, 2016

A good diet is without doubt one of the key necessities to recovering from any disease. This is why any doctor will advise a patient to go on a certain type of diet. Cancer patients are more likely to lose weight, hence necessitates the need for them to be on a balanced diet.It has also been shown that weight loss can affect the prognosis of patients suffering from mesothelioma.

A change in diet will often help a patient to feel better during cancer treatment. For example, taking high volume of water during chemotherapy can help to reduce nausea. A balanced diet will also help the body to build up more healthy cells to maintain normal cell functioning of the body. Balanced diet also helps the body fight off disease.

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Mesothelioma patients often would need to contact a dietician to help them plan out their diet to make sure their body is getting the needed nutrients in the right amount. This will be a massive relief of the stress the patient would have used if allowed to do the search themselves.

A food guide is important for nutrition-rich diets

The Food Guide Pyramid was the last resort to most patients in the past because it seemed to provide an extensive nutritive guide. However, the US Department of Agriculture recalled it some years back, replacing it with My Plate which was meant to give more nutritional info where the first was wanting.

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The latter still failed to extensively handle this problem prompting the faculty members of the Public Health School in Harvard to create a new guideline they tagged Healthy Eating Plate.

A feeding plan is important as eating becomes difficult

Mesothelioma like every other illness can make it difficult for the patient to eat properly. However, diet is very important for effective treatment. The idea of the guideline by the Healthy Eating Plate is to help you change the way you eat for a more efficient feeding and nutritive plan. This may mean that you will have to get food supplement from time to time.

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Healthy feeding can help avoiding side effects

Treatment often affects the way a patient feeds. The most likely cause of reduced appetite for food during feeding is as a result of nausea created by drug use. Some drugs often alter the gastric pH or cause a shift in the equilibrium of gastric acids.

This is the probable cause of a number of nausea. Many of the tips presented by the Healthy Dishes are geared at helping the patient get over the possible side effects that may arise. Mesothelioma can be treated using any of either methods; surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and palliative medication. All these can alter the patient’s appetite.

Micronutrients you should look out for in food

Besides the macronutrients, there are other micronutrients that you should be on the lookout for or which should form a part of your diet if you have mesothelioma and they includes antioxidants and tannins. Antioxidants for example have a way of mopping up the free radicals from the body some thereby helping to slow down the rate of progression of the cancer.

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Article highlights

  • Treatment of mesothelioma often limits the patient’s feeding.
  • Cancers in general can cause low appetite for food.
  • The cause of nausea is often as a result of shift in the balance of the stomach acids.
  • The first food guide was the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Food Guide Pyramid was replaced by the US Agricultural Department using My Plate.
  • Balanced diet helps a patient to fight diseases.
  • There are other nutrients with immense benefits including tannins and antioxidant.
  • It is necessary for a mesothelioma patient to seek the services of a nutritionist.
  • The current nutritional guideline is given by the faculty members of the Public Health School in Harvard.
  • A nutritionist will provide stress relief to the patient.

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